Ups and Downs

What a weird day today was. I woke up late (as usual), and found out very exciting news. Just when I was going to tell my Mom, something came up. And then this led to that and the atmosphere in the house suddenly became awkward and tense that I completely forgot the news that was supposedly going to 'change my life'.

But strangely though a rough patch was hit, it gradual turned out to become a really nice day. I went shopping for like the first time with my brother, sister and mom, and it was actually really fun. We both a bunch of new clothes, and I got a new pair of shoes. I also learned that apparently, I had really good taste.

I'm feeling fine now, but the 'rough patch' at the start of the day is kind of starting to bug me. It's nice to feel happy, but am I getting over it too soon? Is it weird that I'd remember today like it was one of the best without remembering the bad parts?

I guess life has its ups and downs. No matter how many times it brings us down or how many bad things turn up, it's the little things, the small smiles, the laughs, the good parts that helps us to move on.

Oh, yeah, before I forget, I bet you're dying to know the great news, so here it is:

"I Am Now An Officially Selected AYC Delegate Leader"

'Huge smiles all around :)


Sir Writes-A-Lot


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