The Whispers of the Crowd

(This post was originally posted on my Tumblr, on Monday, May 2, 2011)

High school. I guess, we’ve all been there. If there’s one things I learned from the media and TV shows is that there are things called stereotypes.

In high school there are ‘classes’, whether you choose to be the one who’d label them or accept the difference, they’re there, the ‘geeks’, the ‘populars’, the ‘quiet ones’, the ‘smart kids’ and all that. I prefer to be the latter. I don’t like to label and judge people. I prefer to just sift around this pool of diversity called the student body and not jump to conclusion about a person.

But then again, life is ironic, and sarcastic and just plain mean. Isn’t it frequently said, “Treat others the way they want to treat you?”

Well, ask anyone I know, and they probably will tell you that I don’t like to trash talk other people. But just today, I saw a bunch of girls trash talking me.

Of course, no names were mentioned. They have the nerve to talk about someone like that, but behind the person’s back. Take that either way you want.

They called me a ‘bitch’, honestly, it’s first time anyone has ever called me that. Reading their tweets, I think I’ve figured out the reason behind this sudden slandering. And if my suspicions are true, then yeah, they’ve just called me a bitch based on their own misunderstandings, their own judgments.

This kind of prejudice is what forms the stereotypes, and all the high-school drama. The way I see it, I’ve only pissed off one person by what I did. But then ‘the posse’ teamed up and started talking about me too.

Seeing all of this brought me down for a second. They tried to bring me down, and judge me, and they said things about me when they know NOTHING about me, or what I’ve gone through, or why I’ve made the decisions I’ve made. What gives them the right, really?

Keep your opinions to yourself. I don’t need you guys hating on me, especially when I did nothing wrong, or least had no intention of making anyone of you made.

Maybe when I walk by you guys tomorrow, I’ll hear you whisper something about me. Well, I won’t listen to the whispers of the crowd. I’ve got my own voice, and it’s telling crystal clear right now, that I didn’t do anything wrong.


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