Narrative, Narrative, Narrative...

So this past week of mine has been cramped with narrative writing.

The week prior we got an introduction on narrative writing from Yudhi who then gave us an assignment with the topic, "Going To Your Own Funeral".

I get completely stuck when I have to write about myself, so I asked Yudhi if I could make it with a fictional character. He said yes, but when he read it he completely forgot saying so (he must be going senile) and asked me to another few pages about myself (slave-driver!) After writing 20 pages of a good story, he just can't cut me some slack.

School was such a drag all week. There were a few tasks I had to juggle, and knowing there would be a week long break (while my brother sweats over his UAN muahahahaha) at the end did nothing but distract me.

I was also given the task of holding another Narrative writing session for 7th Grade members only, but I just couldn't find the time because of my Listening/Speaking performance. I took Thursday off because I had to prolong my passport, and at the Immigrations Office we ran into a grumpy officer who set me off in a bad mood (don't like the job then find something else!).

I pushed the session back to Friday, since that was also going to be the day I'd perform "Heal the World" by Michael Jackson with my group related to our unit now about PEACE (Y)

But then, they all had Math in English remedial, so I took extra time to prepare them. That left with practically zero session time, just a quick explanation of the task I was going to give. Since I felt guilty, I spent my first moments of freedom when I got home on Friday to type out my teaching material.

I emailed it to Sasa and Willa, but I'd figure I'd post it in the next post so the rest of the members could have a read at it too, and maybe take an interest in the essay topic and write something (though it's not mandatory).


Sir Writes-A-Lot


English Writing Club - SMP Santa Laurensia said...

Karin, if u like, i'll excuse all the 7th graders from the 1 1/2 hr travel writing sessions for 1/2 hr or 1 hr to do narrative since the 7th graders would only be there to help with the training anyways. I still need the 7th graders help for the last 1/2 hr of the session!!! What do u think???

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