Welcome to The Kingdom of Writing

Okay, since this is another chore by Mr. Joykill, I'll try to enjoy it and make it a little fun. I've been thinking about making a blog for a while, but since I never found the time, I'll make best use of this chance to post my best works!

So the Writing Club just started this year, and after going through a laborious process, we have our final seven members:

The Two Rulers (PICs):
Yudhi: The King of the Club (or as I like to call him Mr. Joykill), who enjoys long lectures, and slave-driving the rest of the Kingdom with thick bundles of grammar/vocab worksheets. Although in between his tyrannical rants, he is actually very hardworking (just don’t get him mad or you won’t stop laughing)
Becky: The Queen, since she doesn’t come to sessions often, I’m not sure how good her writing is, but they must be good if she’s part of the club. Would love to read some her works sometime!
And… The Knights of the Paper Table:
Silvia: The Artistic One in the group (I’ve seen her drawings, they’re just wow!) Maybe she should trade up her pen for a paintbrush. We’ve known each other through our moms, but I hope we’ll get to know each other more.
Erico: The Poet of the group (just check out his blog!) always using big words and varied sentences though his grammar could use a bit of polishing. Has hard time grasping the term “long story short” XD
Willa: The Quiet One, who talks with a slight British accent, and writes as much as she talks. Knows some form of wizardry to make oneself disappear/invisible, because she’s always gone when we get together for a session (we tend to forget she’s in the club too XD)
Natasha: The Funny One, always bring some humor to a session and enjoys seeing Yudhi fight with James as much as I do haha. Always says that she’s surprised to be in the club, but is giving it her best. Likes to procrastinate, one of my favorite hobbies as well :P
Last But Not Least:
Karin Novelia: Me, the seventh member of the writing club, who wields the pen like a sword and has had a hobby of writing since she was six. Yudhi’s says I’m the only one who’s good at narrative writing, so I guess that’s a good thing? Everyone says that I was a natural at writing because of my last name (there’s Novel right in there, and looks like a typo from Novelis--> Novelist) Though I’ve been branded a geek/nerd because of my love for writing and school, I don’t mind, I’m actually happy just the way I am.
The next post will be the introduction writing we all first did for the club, “About Me”, and then followed by my weekly post. It might be a tad long, but I’d appreciate it if you took the time to read.
Sir Writes-A-Lot


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