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Well, I'm very sorry to the very expectant reader(s) of this blog who are jumping up and down waiting for my next blog post. If you are that reader, I'm sure you've wanted this one to be about Singapore.

I apologize very deeply, for the delay. First thing tomorrow, I will get started on that post. At least, I hope so. The reason for my laziness is simply because I have writer's block! I can't seem to focus on writing about my trip around Singapore! I did some self-diagnosis on this condition (for a writer it's very serious, you know!) (and yes, I like to play Doctor!) and have come to a conclusion. Symptoms include: sudden hyper-activeness, mood-swings, emo-ness (emo is a real word!), pessimism, sudden recall of past events, sudden diligence to organize school learning materials, obsessive (almost compulsive) need to clean the entire house, and random thoughts!

Yes, and that's why to cure this writer's block I've prescribed myself a large dose of listing said random thoughts. From the top of my head, here we go:

  1. Apparently I am (one of) the best writer(s) at my school. Said a certain someone :P
  2. Just realized my brother was gone to whole day, and will be gone for the next 5 days. He's going to Jogya, which no one thought to tell me about o.O
  3. My Love Life Sucks. As I recall the past, I realize every experience has been a crash and burn. Cue emo-ness :/
  4. Barney! (not the purple one :P)
  5. Lemon Law! Suit Up! High Five! It's going to be legen--wait for it!--dary! And, Tonight's going to be de--wait for it!--lightful! :)
  6. Ted Mosby :)
  7. Looking at the past 3 points, I am really a fan of How I Met Your Mother :P
  8. My parents are a bit bi-polar.
  9. My sister is spoiled.
  10. My brother is a deaf, game-addicted boy.
  11. I am very pissed.
  12. Looking back and doing some self-reflection, my life has sucked.
  13. I feel very optimistic right now.
  14. I like using sarcasm :P
  15. I hate the fact, that when I get passionate about writing a story and something comes up and cuts my groove half-way, when I read it back and get psyched again sometime later, I forget the really good bits about the story line!
  16. I apparently have a collection of dolls plushies. They're plushies okay?? They are soft and fuzzy!! 
  17. The names of said plushies are very original. I have a Teddy Bear named Teddy, and a Rabbit named Rabbit and a Pig named Pig. HAHAHA!
  18. Annoying Orange rulez!
  19. Ryan Higa is the best!
  20. The only thing better than the Potter Books are the Potter Puppet Pals :D
  21. Me and my best friend are growing apart. :(
  22. David Cook is the BEST AI Winner Ever! I said the BEST! Case closed. Cuz I'm always right!
  23. At this point, you, reader, probably think I have gone insane o.O
  24. Whenever I reach out and help someone who has been an outcast, I get burned.
  25. Yes, I'm cynical. But I compensate with humor. HAHAHA!
  26. I may very well have OCD. If so, then I am a modern-age Monk (the detective guy)!
  27. I think I'm falling for this guy, who's one year older. Not saying who.
  28. I have no courage to even text my ex-friend
  29. This is my 29th post. And look it's the 29th Point! (Did not plan this)
  30. I should really go to sleep now.
  31. Should I re-paint my room or try wallpaper?
  32. I really love Big Fish and Play First Games.
  33. I really don't like to follow trends.
  34. The guy in number 27 is still on my mind o.O
  35. You have to read "Thirteen Reasons Why" by Jay Asher. I did. It really hit home :'(
  36. Video games make being a doctor, lawyer, detective, forensics investigator so much fun than in real life.
  37. I really, really, really, really want to be a teacher. I wish I could be one now.
  38. The world is seriously messed up.
  39. "Don't give me that look, Global Warming is just a theory!"--Bryan Ryan, Glee. An NPH moment.
  40. I really love the Toy Story franchise. Still haven't gotten that Woody doll :(
  41. This list is really long lol. Power of random thought, people. They are endless.
  42. I still haven't finished that BOOKLET! OH NO! (As if anyone cares -__-)
  43. Redemption is redundant for people who never learn.
  44. Why did the chicken cross the road? The timeless question that has yet to be answered.
  45. Not only is DAVID COOK an awesome singer, he can dance, act and is a total COMEDIAN. In short, he is AWESOME!
  46. Oh! His 2nd album will be coming out in Fall! That's like in a few months! *fangirl squeal*
  47. Guy in number 27 is still on my mind -__-
  48. Can't wait for the finale of Glee!
  49. My life is miserable! Just Kidding, LOL!
  50. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA... just thought of something funny.
  51. I am athletically challenged! LOL!
  52. I am not using LOL, often enough! LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL! Soak it up people! LOL LOL LOL Laughter is healthy! LOL LOL LOL LOL. Especially in text form! LOL LOL LOL LOL
  53. I'm not feeling so emo-ish anymore.
  54. I'm feeling optimistic about tomorrow. (No sarcasm here.)
  55. Writing this, has made me a bit sleepy.
  56.  Forgot about Mr. Number 27--shoot, just put him back in LOL
  57. Scrubs :) JD :) Zach Braff :) Awesome Comedic Master!
  58. "I'm no Superman." 
  59. "Lost and insecure, you found me, you found me." 
  60. "Where did I go wrong, I lost a friend..."
  61. "I think I'll try, defying gravity"
  62. Above are snipped of my favorite songs. If you can guess them, I'll pay you Rp 20.000. (Yeah, right...)
  63. Top Travel Wishes: New York City, Paris (France, not Ohio), London
  64. I really should go to sleep. Nah.
  65. My favorite number is 7.
  66. I really like GREEN.
  67. People are complex and over-complicated.
  68. I remember playing Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh (the card games)
  69. Where did my Digimon Plushies go??? o.O
  70. Diner Dash!
  71. I have a lot of random thoughts! Yipee!
  72. I think my writer's block is disappearing.
  73. If you have read until here, congrats, you are a true devoted reader of Knight of Pen and Paper. Now, go and do something more productive with your life... just kidding.
  74. The 7th Artemis Fowl book (the Atlantis Complex) will be out in exactly 18 days. In North America. In Indonesia? Suffice to say, never. Or long after I'm dead. HA!
  75. Borders is not a bookstore. It's a library. :)
  76. My term "post-travel sniffles" (patent pending) is really catching on. So far: 2 hits. Well, including me. HA!
  77. I WILL CHANGE TO WORLD! Mark my words, people.
  78. I may have a God complex o.O LOL
  79. Last thought: I'm sleepy. Good night, world!
That's it. Well, 'it' is a lot. But I feel much better now. Writer's block and the symptoms are gone! Final prognosis: cured! HAHAHA LOL LOL LOL :) :D

Sir Writes-A-Lot


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