What's Up?

Heeeey, like I've said on my previous post, I'm gonna start keeping this blog of mine up and running :D

Then why have I've been gone for the past week? Well, three words: Eight Grade Edutrip.

Here in Santa Laurensia, the Eigth Graders take the week off or so for their Edutrips. There are even all sort of places offered up for the students to go. This year the choices were Jogjakarta, Singapore-Malaysia, Beijing and the newest offer NEW ZEALAND.

Honestly, I wanted to go to Beijing. But I ended up choosing... JOGJA!

I was really excited for this trip. My parents were both born in Jogja, but I never really went there for sightseeing. And after just getting back last night, it was GREAT! :D

Well, I'm gonna post all about it in a special back-to-back post feed. I'll even call it "Travel Sniffles". The term Travel Sniffles, is one I've stated on my blog before. It's that nasty little cold I always get after travelling, and I yeah I'm sneezing right now.

Guess that's the gist of it.

Valentine's Day is on HBO right now, so I gotta get going! Cheers :)

--Karin Novelia, The Sniffling Traveler


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