A Teacher's Promise

I found this link:


It's a CNN article about "teachers VS parents" and it really got to me. I for one, believe in education, and seeing people who dedicate there lives to educate others get cut down like that...

No wonder Mr Shuester from Glee feels like such an underdog.

This is a view written by an American teacher, but the trials and conflicts that most of them face as a teacher is something universal. It's not hard to imagine many teachers all over the world feeling the same thing.

Take a read, and see what you think about it. If you're a student, I suggest you start respecting teachers a bit more. If you're a parent, I suggest you start being a teacher's partner instead of their reason to quit. They are of course, just trying to help you educate your child.

And if you're a teacher, bravo. I deeply respect you profession and your role in this world.

One day, I'm gonna be a teacher. Maybe not one that works behind a desk, in just one school, I'll do it in my own way. Main point is, I wanna to educate, just like a teacher does.

Special thanks to my teacher, Mr Yudi Atmanta for posting the link on Facebook for me to see :)
--Karin Novelia, Teacher By Heart


Quindarta Yudi Atmanta said...

you're so very welcome karin.. thanks for sharing this on ur blog too.. (as i told u, ill keep reading ur blog) ^^

Creator of Things said...

hahaha well thank you then, sir, for being such a loyal reader :)

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