WHEEEEE! (or Things I'm Currently Obsessing Over)

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1. Michael Buble's "Haven't Met You Yet" has become my life's anthem B)

2. TOMMOROW NIGHT THE GLEE PROJECT FINALE'S IS AIRING IN ASIA! WEEEEE! :D Though I'm still confused why it has popped up on DVD. I should've watched it by now. TEAM DAMIAN! ;)

3. Speaking of The Glee Project: CAMERON!! D': HE SHOULD'VE BEEN IN THE FINALE! As much as I respect and admire his decision to leave, he should still be on Glee! The show needs a conservative, goody-two-shoes nerd I can look up to! RYAN MURPHY, I don't care if you should follow the competition's rule, PUT CAMERON ON THE SHOW!

4. All of the above has just reminded me: just saw the video of Cameron and Damian singing "Haven't Met You Yet"! They sound awesome together! Congrats to Cameron for winning the fan favorite <3

5. Let us all hail the talent that is GREYSON CHANCE <3 <3 <3 A friend of mine recommended his "Unfriend You" which sort of hit home, and now I looked up his video on Youtube performing "Waiting Outside The Lines" and he is so talented. And younger me. Wow. His piano skills, we're apparent from his first break when people watched him performing Gaga's Paparazzi, but now hearing him sing and original song... Kudos, man. Kudos.

--Karin Novelia, Possibly Having OCD


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