My Life Right Now...

Mood I'm Currently Feeling: Pretty much in a constant swing. Mostly really melancholic feelings triggered by Graduation and an unhealthy dose of energy that is pushing me to be really productive.

Projects I'm Currently Working On: Cleaning the house. Feels like early packing for Singapore, but not exactly what I want to focus on right now.

Stories I'm Currently Writing: Really gaining momentum for my novel (will hopefully have something decent by the end of the summer).

Book I'm Currently Reading: Charmed Life; Book 1 in the Chronicles of Chrestomanci series by Diana Wynne Jones. (A nice change of pace after my mystery-thriller Agatha Christie stint).

Series I'm Currently Obssessing Over: Smash (or so Darren Criss called it Glee 2.0) Only it's not Glee. It's basically about sex, Broadway, dreams and it's so, so much better and brings out so many dreamer feels.

Music I'm Currently Listening To: A cool artist called Parov Stelar which has this eclectic blend of electronic beats and Parisian 20s jazzy swing. Like one of the best inner dance-freak inducing songs I've heard.

Movie I'm Currently Loving: Midnight in Paris by the ever-so-charming Woody Allen. I swear I could watch it again and again and never be bored. Gil Pender is so GPOY, he's like the male-version of me in an alternate universe.

Famous Person I'm Currently Inspired By: Tom Hiddleston. You know, the guy who plays Loki in Avengers. Basically the most talented breakout star I've seen this year, who is a brilliant actor, has the most adorkable smile and laugh (EHEHEHE LOKI'D!), and whose natural charm and intelligence make him a quality human being. I know he has this look that is unconventional but I guess that's sort of my type, and I'd choose skill and talent over physical appearance any day.


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