One in The Same

Sometimes the hardest thing and the right thing are the same -- All At Once by The Fray
Everyone at some point in their lives knows what it's like to lose yourself in your dreams. To immerse yourself so deeply in your delusion and fantasies that it's easy to lose touch with reality. One day you decide that simple imaginings aren't enough. You want your dreams to be real.

Getting to that point, the point where your dreams actually do come true isn't easy. But that's the problem with people these days. They always want the easy way out.

Maybe this will sound self-praising, but I've been there. I've tried to do things the hard way, actually put in the work. And it was absolutely crushing when you stop and realize that you are the only one who truly cares, that still cares about this thing you've put your heart and soul into because for once you thought Hey, I'm actually doing something with my life!

Disappointment and failure tend to bring out the worst in people. It makes them bitter, jaded and trust me, I know. It is through that sadness that we react by trying to find something to hold on to, that last flickering flame of hope.

We wish things weren't so hard, but let's face it, they are.

I've happily spent my extended holiday in my own little bubble. Having these days off while my Dad, brother and sister still have to go to work and school inevitably gets me stuck at home, which can be suffocating sometimes (the boredom can settle in pretty fast) but it gives me a chance to sort of recuperate and reevaluate my life.

Perhaps an example might help. People who may be classified as 'hopeless' romantics have this hopeful mind-set: "Someday I'm gonna meet The One. The one person who will accept me and love just the way I am. Who will make me feel good and amaing and see perfection in my flaws. That person will remind me that I am worth loving."

Don't get me wrong. It's a lovely sentiment, but people can cling to it like it's the only option. Like all you have to do is wait and it will come to you. And it seems tempting that way, it seems easier.

Sometimes life demands more than that. More than a mere desire, more than just hope.

I mean think about it. While you're sitting there dreaming of The One have you ever stopped to think that you are The One for someone, somewhere out there? That maybe, just maybe, while you're keeping both eyes open so you won't miss The One, you weren't able to be that for someone who could've been the love of your life?

What I'm trying to say is, there are certain paradigms which aren't wrong (not at all) but can become blinding when people look at things one-sidedly. It's okay to dream and have hope and sort of let the world conspire to help you, but you can't expect that to keep on happening on its own.

Instead of wishing to meet the perfect person for you to fall in love with, why don't you shake things up a little today and try to be that perfect person, be someone who is worth loving?

Instead of sulking around and wishing people would be more understanding towards you, why don't you try being more understanding towards other people?

Life is all about perspective. It isn't wrong to see things in a certain way, to see things your own way. But as I've come to understand more and more, taking a new spin things will definitely surprise you.

I've been becoming quite productive this holiday. I've pledged to become more athletic and I can really feel the effects. I feel far more energetic and have some decent stamina. I've taken to swimming which is waaaay relaxing (though for some reason I haven't lost any weight :|) I'm also planning on taking a nice long jog tomorrow morning, like when it's still a bit dark out and just beautifully calm, with a nice playlist to keep me company and just, you know, take in the sights, breath in the air.

I've also been happily channeling my inner geek this holiday too. Blame the Avengers movie (WHICH WAS AWESOMELY EPIC, by the way) for fanning the flames but I've always believed in Superheroes! :)

Now if I can only find a decent comic-book store nearby...

Movie-hysteria has also set in. Actually having time to have an uninterrupted movie marathon turns out to be overwhelming. Where do the world do I even start? But I have found a few visual gems so expect some reviews soon :)

Then of course... there's writing. It's been a love-hate relationship between me and my craft so far. I can think out main concepts and draw them out but when it comes to writing the actual story, I basically am at a lost of words and go asdfghjkl;!

It's a bit pain-staking but I'm getting there, overcoming my writer's block.

Graduation's coming soon. I'd figure I'd be all sappy and nostalgic with the inevitable goodbyes to come but this time, I'm actually readily accepting of the future. Hopefully that's a good thing, so let's just call it progress.

Freedom's just around the corner for everyone (though yes, I have had an early start) so I'll just jump the gun and wish you all a very happy holiday!

And as always, thanks for reading!

-- Happily on Holiday, Karin Novelia :)


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