Off The Grid: Day 11

Just bursting with energy today. Found myself having difficulties last night (still got zero hour's of sleep in me) and I think I'm just waiting for the crash to come. I ran around this morning, even had sushi for breakfast. I planned on going on doing some Pre-Move Shopping and listing things I wanna bring along. Sadly, didn't leave the house as planned.

In other news, my Twitter timeline which was just bursting with Halloween pics, made me envious of the other side of the world. I strongly stand by my opinion that if I chopped my hair and curled it up a bit, I'd be an decent Sherlock/Fourth Doctor. Which I guess says I have a thing for scarves. Haha.

I can't seem to focus too long on a single train of thought. Might be the buzz, but I can feel it wearing off. Might turn in early tonight.

And sorry for such a horrid, useless post.

Goodnight, readers.

--Karin Novelia


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