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Today is a momentous occasion. It's December 14th, 2012, and the one-month milestone of my time here in Singapore. It's been a blast here so far. I'm currently going through an English Bridging Course right now, and with 10-hour sessions from Monday-Saturday, let's just say it's been challenging. 

I've really begun to rediscover myself here. I'm not as quiet as I used to be since I'm constantly in the company of other people. Being forced into close proximity with about 18 other crazy gals does keep one up all night, but I'm strangely also sleeping better. I guess the only thing I'll miss is the peace and quiet of my own room (even though it doesn't stay that way once my sister comes around). Finding time to just recuperate alone and gather one's thoughts isn't as easy, but it's not exactly a bad thing either. 

I'm loving have my own room. It's spacey, and actually stays tidy after I clean it up. The soft board that covers the wall on my side of the room is still bare, but I'm hoping to 'nerdify' it as soon as possible and making it feel like home. Meals here are wonderful, though do little to reduce the waistline. Housework, laundry especially, is a bit tedious, but it feels nice to be doing things on my own. I need to get into athletics, and although volleyball might seem like an implausible option, I feel an intense urge to play, somehow. Been hitting the gym in CJC, the Junior College right next to my hostel, CJCH, for the past few weeks every Tuesday, but since Christmas holidays are looming near, the supervisor (the hostel mistress' husband) won't start taking us again until next year.

I've also learned to put things into perspective -- just because I was seen a certain way back in Indonesia, doesn't mean I'll be perceived the same way here. Same goes for studies. I need to remind myself that although things might not seem as hard here, it's still a different system that I need to get used too and whatever I've faced in the Bridging Course so far will be probably be the easiest, 'honeymoon' phase. 

Good news though is that the Course really encourages reading and I've gone through 6 books (5 really, cuz one was just... crap). Best reads: Life of Pi and Cloud Atlas. Genius. Also relived a childhood favorite, Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass. Am currently reveling in Tolkien's The Hobbit.

Speaking of The Hobbit, I'm likely definitely going to see it this weekend. I'm so excited, I-I just can't... What I love about Singapore is it's convenient transportation. Back in Indonesia, I always had to worry about getting around, especially on weekends when I wanted to hang out with my friends in Jakarta, which was a bit far. Here on the other hand, I can easily find my way to any place I want. That makes it especially easy to watch movies. The first movie I've watched was Breaking Dawn Part 2 (don't ask) but that was quickly redeemed by a double feature of Life of Pi (the aesthetics were amazing!) and Rise of the Guardians (JACK FROST FTW).

... Am I spending too much on movies? Nah. Even if I am, then blame Hollywood for producing such wonderful cinematic gems. 

A roller coaster ain't a roller coaster without some downs too. Worst thing that happened here so far? Being disappointed with my class allocation. I was put in a class with a Full Literature class (which I'm not really sure how I'll manage, since I've never taken such a Lit class before) but also was told to make a choice between Physics or Biology. There's another class with the exact same subject list, only they take both Physics and Biology. Although I'm not pursuing a career that would require either one, I got used to taking both in my old school, and ambitious as it may seem, I see those subjects as something that needs to be learnt, at least in its most rudimentary form, and have actually grown to like them. Both

It's pretty late now. I'm not sure if my body is recoiling against the one-hour loss of sleep, but I should turn in so I can at least survive tomorrow. Don't worry, with my oral presentation done by then, I'll be back soon to tell about all of my city adventures.

Until the next post then.

--Karin Novelia, Recently Moved (Again)


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