A Growing Friendship and Loving Family and… School. Meh.

I can’t believe on how many friends I’ve made this year. I’ve really started to see myself open up. Ever since AYC, things have been going great. The AYC gang is still pretty tight, though maybe we don’t see each other that often especially after 28-10-10.

Yup. Our completely student-organized ASEAN Day.

Honestly, the preparation was a pain. There were always these huge communication problems, and so on the big day our execution was less than perfect. But I was glad to see that everything worked out.

The day started with me getting up extra early, and preparing all the World Trade Game stuff I was going to need that day. I put on this cute, sort of flowing dress shirt that had a batik-pattern on it – today’s nationalistic dress code. The point of ASEAN Day was for the AYC delegates from Santa Laurensia Junior High School, to show what we had learned from AYC, and more importantly pass on the AYC spirit. 28th October was also the annual “Hari Sumpah Pemuda” celebration in Indonesia, remembering the day where during the age of fighting for independence, youths from all over Indonesia made the “Sumpah Pemuda”, their pledge of allegiance to its nation and unity as its people.

First we had a nice flag ceremony in honor of Hari Sumpah Pemuda. The pemimpin upcara was Jeffry Wicaksana and the Pembina upacara was our own Student Council President, Toby Limanto. After the flag ceremony we had a short opening speech from Garry as the ASEAN Day Chairperson, Toby as the Student President, Kay as the Cultural Performance PIC, and also from Bu Maria.

The performances were magnificent, although unfortunately I didn’t get to see all of them because I had to prepare for the World Trade Game. I was glad to see 9A’s awesome fashion show (I know I’ve been so busy and couldn’t help them prepare a lot, but I was glad to be their Class Facil). And I heard 8A’s Laos Drama was awesome! We even own first place for it. Too bad I wasn’t able to be a part of it… Proud of you guys! ;)

The first round of the session was the 9th Graders play World Trade Game first, while the 7th and 8th face the Mock Regional Forum. The 9th Graders were more cooperative than I thought they would be, or at least, expected to be from the others’ opinion on their behavior. I had a great, almost rushed time being one of the World Bank Bankers. Though we did hit one ditch. WE RAN OUT OF MONEY! HAHA .___.

Then there was this small schedule problem. They said to cancel the second session of games, but suddenly had to put them back in -____-. So I had to completely rush the preparations for the 2nd session of World Trade Game and it was crazy because I had to prepare for BOTH the 7th and 8th Grade Games. I was running back and forth from where the 7th graders were, in the Columbus hall in front of the Health Center, and the 8th Graders back in the Aula TK.

I was definitely tired once the day was over. It was even raining by the end of the day, and I had at some point taken off my shoes and left them off, and so my sock were soaked, my feet were sore, my hands felt like coming off and I had a ton of stuff to bring home, even more than what I had brought to school to begin with…

Well, though there were some complaints and harsh feedback, I think ASEAN Day ended up becoming really successful :D

Then came 2-11-10. Yes, the 2nd of November. My 14th Birthday! :D

Gosh, I had been through quite a bit of crap in the past few months, but I wanted my birthday, my 14th birthday to represent a new beginning. A fresh start of the better days to come. And I hadn’t expected myself to be surprised by some very good friends! The day started off with my getting up early, unfortunately for school.

I walked into my class with a perky, joyful attitude and couldn’t help but feel excited. I had a lot of birthday wishes on Twitter and Facebook, which always brightens up my day. I also got some face-to-face hugs and kisses at school :D

But I didn’t expect what was waiting for me on when my bestfriend Shella, dragged me down the stairs towards the hallway near the administration office (by the locker where people get their food dropped by) to see a giant, Harvest Chocolate birthday cake being lit by Kenny and held by the arms of Natasha. There were other guys there, mostly fellow 8th Grade SOTs and we had a little party eating the cake together.

Honestly, I was almost in tears! No one had even bothered giving me a surprise like that in the past 4 years :’)

Sadly, the 9th graders were on their trip to Bangka, that meant my wonderful boyfriend as well, so things were a bit more quiet than they should’ve been. I wished they were around though!

But I know they still wished a “Happy Birthday” from such a long-distance, and Evan came back with this cute little souvenir and a heart-felt photo :)

Let’s not forget a beautiful friendship that started in the dark corners of the YMCA hotel rooms back during AYC: GPRS!

What’s GPRS? Well, it stands for the 4 friends who have stuck together through thick and thin.

G= Gori (Gregorius Erico)

P=Poche (Sharleen Wonorahardjo)

R= Rin (Karin Novelia, Me Hehe)

S=Sasha (Natasha Clarita)

This whole thing started back in AYC, when we were getting together at night back at the hotel, we found the four of us together and developed the first ever Sesi Curhat, and we found ourselves becoming very close, telling each other our own problems, giving out advice, supporting one another. Let’s hope this is a friendship that’ll stand the test of time :)

Hmm, and things with the Fam?

Things are fine, I guess. Though I’ve had some rough spots with the parents this year, we’ve managed to come together to make a compromise. And we’ve started spending more quality time together :D

Then there’s me and School. Honestly, it’s been somewhat… MEH. Seriously, I expected it to be better.

I guess one main factor was that I wasn’t accepted into the Student Council. Not accepted. At all. Even though I did incredibly well in the interview (or so I thought), a few changes in the system this year, like a new teacher coordinating OSIS, and more of a shift to train the 7th graders and give more chances to the less active 8th Graders.

I guess I should consider it a compliment. It sort of says that I’m too good to be in the Student Council. BUT MAN I DIDN’T THINK THAT WAY AT FIRST. I took it pretty hard. I mean, without being Student Council President, or AT LEAST a Student Council Member, what was I going to do the rest of the year? I really wanted this to keep me busy and develop from being academically active.

So, I guess this sort of got me depressed for awhile. Especially since it blinded me from all the other things I had going. I was kind of tired from dealing with AYC, and so put it on hold.

And then there’s… Science Club.

I apparently found out later that one of the reason I didn’t get accepted to the Student Council is because of this unwritten school policy that a student should not be ‘over-worked’. They figured that since I was in the Science Club I would focus myself more on that, and so wouldn’t have time to deal with the Student Council.

I was like, WTHECK? They actually asked some candidates which one they would prefer, but they didn’t EVEN ASK ME!

And what a weird policy! I mean, can’t a student be allowed to excel? -.-

And so hearing that sort of made my lose spirit in dealing with Science Club. I still hadn’t managed to come up with a good topic, and when I started to get into the groove, I felt like I was over-working myself, since school was a whirlwind of projects, tests and quizzes.

I AM SO SORRY SIR DIDI! D: I know you’ve tried to be patient with us, but I still feel like I’ve disappointed you a lot! And you really are a great teacher, I assure you. The advice you’ve given me will always be treasured.

But there is one good thing I suppose. My Extracurricular Class (Ekskul), Modern Dance. Yep, don’t laugh, but the highlight of my year was dancing with the Nefertirians, my fellow 8th Graders.

We’ve been training for awhile. Praciticing our routine, though it was tough to get all the girls together. We even spent the time afterschool to really get things right. Then on December 17th, the last day of school before the winter holidays, we got up on stage and KILLED it.

Okay, maybe I’m overreacting. Hahaha. But we did do a great job :)

I mean, looking back at it, I was glad I was able to at least do a decent job. I mean, the last time I had danced like that in a performance was back in the Philippines. Every year, back at C.S.A, my old school, they would hold these end-of-year performances. The only difference between that and Loren was that the school always tried to make sure that EVERY class got a chance to perform. EVERY CLASS. Even if it was a simple skit, or a DANCE NUMBER, they wanted everyone to get involved.

So yes, back then I danced quite a lot. My “ekskul” back then was also dance, though it was limited to Modern. It was one of those treasured memories I have. Getting up on stage dancing with my friends, in front of the crowd, and in the end bowing to a round of applause.

Since I moved to Indonesia, that was one of the things that changed. That was one of the things that had to… stop. Maybe it’s better to say, put on pause. So this year, the 8th grade, I decided to take a risk. For my Ekskul I purposely enrolled myself to Modern Dance.

To be honest, I was nervous. I knew that people wouldn’t believe it once they heard I was in Modern Dance, and they did make fun, they did laugh. And I was afraid that after all these years, I wasn’t cut out for dancing anymore.

But that day, the day of the performance, while I was preparing myself, putting on my costume and make up, getting my hair curled as the finishing touch. I looked myself in the mirror and though I was nervous, I saw myself.

I was… different. I’d never dressed up like this in a while. I looked… stunning. And I saw this glint in my eyes, the kind that expressed the joy in what I was doing, the joy of being in that moment.

The last time I had seen my eyes sparkle like that was… AYC.

Wow. I can’t even begin to describe how it felt, dancing again, on a stage, hearing people even scream my name at the beginning of the routine. And in a long time, I felt alive again. I felt this awesome adrenaline rush.

When I got off stage, I was a bit dizzy. Not to mention tired. But I was proud of myself. I took a risk and put myself out there. And the results were nothing to be underestimated.

So, there you have. A quick catch-up on what has gone on since my last post.

Cheers! :D

--Karin Novelia, The Sentimental


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