A Year to Remember. Goodbye 2010 :’)

Well, it’s 31st of December 2010. The last day of 2010. New Year’s Eve.

So let’s take a look back at my #2010memories. (Check out the last 2 post, labeled #2010Memories for the quick summary of it all :D From Love, Friends, Family and School ;D)

2010. The end of seventh grade, the start of the eight. I know, I had high expectations for this year, and some of them didn’t really work out.

Bad times, good times. Wonderful times, unforgettable moments.

2010 has been a roller coaster. And I have written down everything that has happened in this past year, and soon, it about 2 and a half hours, 2011 will have arrived.

And if anything, this new year will the start of a new beginning. I mean, seriously, a completely blank slate. So, I’m gonna spend this blogpost, writing down my New Year’s Resolutions. I work best in organized thoughts so, let’s start with…


1). No more fights. Amen.

2). Spend more time with the family. Actually start letting them into my lives a bit, talk to them, be more honest.

3). Spend more time with my brother and sister. Help them out.

4). Start helping out more around the house. Like keeping my own room clean, for starters.

5). Keep more in touch with the big fam, all the relatives outside of Jakarta ;)


I know I’ve let my grades slip a bit. And I’m honestly freaking out on how my 1st Semester Report Card will turn out. So I promise and wish that my grades will turn back to pristine conditions, and not let them slip again. Here’s how:

1). Spend more time studying, REALLY studying. Work out a schedule, showing what subject, what subchapter to study/review. Make it detailed and organized.

2). Learn to manage my time more wisely. NO MORE SKS (Sistem Kebut Semalem Haha -..-), CHASING PROJECTS SO CLOSE TO THE DEADLINE!!

3). ORGANIZATION! More specifically, my school notes! Really should tidy them up and right them neatly!

4). Sleep well. Sleep according to sleeping hours. Seriously, no more dozing off at school. Haha -.-

5). Pay more attention to my extra-curricular activities! Remember you signed yourself up for these Kai! So stick with them ‘til the end, even if their starting to become a pain!

5a). Never neglect WRITING CLUB ASSIGNMENTS! That includes possible upcoming VIER stuff!

5b). SCIENCE CLUB! Don’t disappoint Sir Didi again!

5c). AYC! Continue the after-plan! THE ENGLISH BOOK HOW EH?

5d). Modern Dance Class! Ekskul Kai, be there, no excuses, even if Yudhi’s forcing you to do something else say NO! (hehehe peace Yudh). Practice, practice, practice!

6). Kai, seriously. Do your Math Homework. Hahaha. No, seriously.


1). Never forget the power of GPRS <3

2). Spend more time with friends! Especially my old besties, can’t forget them! :D

3). BIRTHDAYS! Can’t forget the important ones! Really put and effort into buying friends presents and giving them memorable surprises! :D

Love Life. Hehehehehe.

1). My Resolution on this? Well, I guess this is more of a wish. In 2011, I wanna still be with him. Until the end, make it through the year at least. Maybe for the rest of my life.

2). Show him I love him more often. Possibly every day.

3). Never let go of that “cheesy” side of love. Never be afraid to say “I love you”, “I miss you”, call him “sayang” or “sweetie” or “honey, even in front of others. Be a 5-cheese pizza B) Haha.

4). Be... more myself around him. Forget my inhibitions, let goes of my nerves. I can be me around him, when we’re alone, just the two of us, but around other people, I guess I kind of freeze up. No more of that.

5). Be more patient with this. Don’t expect too much. That’s worked so far, really, and he has surprised me again and again :D

6). Stop thinking about the past. Stop comparing myself to his… ex-es.

Personal Resolutions.

1). Give myself more credit. Stop underestimating myself. You can do better than this, Kai. You just gotta believe it.

2). Open up a little. Stop living in your head, in your own world. Let others be a part of your life.

3). GET OUT THERE! Start shaping the future the way you want it to be! Start becoming the person you could only dream of! Follow your dreams, your wants, your wishes! Dance, sing, maybe even cook! Anything you want is within your reach! :D

4). Stop living in the past. No matter how you miss, it won’t come back Kai. Just… start mapping out the future. Live in the moment!

5). Don’t let failure stop you so easily. If you fail, try again. If you fall, get back up. Get your spark back, Kai.

Hmm. I guess that’s pretty much it. I really hope that 2011 will become the start of a new chapter in my life. I’m fourteen, and God forbid, I won't let my life stop now.

And one last thing:


–Karin Novelia, Welcoming A New Year


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