A Little Appreciation to Get By


It's been awhile since my last post. I actually have had a lot of urges to write, but school and all, no time, you know how it gets. I'm actually having finals tomorrow (Biology and Physics first for a change, whee...). I got bored and sick of studying so, here I am. Actually, I'm multi-tasking. I'm writing this while watching Sherlock (A FANTASTIC SHOW by the way. You reader, must watch) on my laptop and glancing at the latest season of Dancing with the Stars, while quizzing my friends tomorrow through chat.

Well, anyway I wanna talk about a very special day. It was the 25th of November otherwise known here as Teachers' Day. This 9th Grade year has been very interesting so far. A bit more complicated than I would've liked, but hey, I'm far from bored.

One pretty interesting aspect was of course the teachers. Having a few classes that were taught by teachers that were different to other classes sort made things a difficultly new experience, but I'm glad to learn how to adapt. My homeroom teacher, Sir Darma wasn't exactly someone who I haven't met. He taught biology for me back in 7th Grade, and my class 7F was the only one he taught. He's a bit... motivated and high-spirited, but his exuberance was something I hadn't seen in a while, so I welcomed his unique style of teaching. But his perfectionist attitude also made me glad that I wouldn't have to see him more than twice a week.

And when 9th Grade came around I was sort of beggin, Please, don't let Sir Darma be my homeroom teacher.

... Yeah, I barely get what I want. Haha.

So yeah, 9B, headed by Sir Darma. His ideas were always welcomed, at least by me, but the execution was a bit far out of reach. This led to the class slightly disliking his way of pushing us, demanding the best, demanding action even when we didn't completely agree with his plans or ideas. Even though I knew where my classmates were coming from, I sometimes just didn't like the way they commented Sir Darma.

It's nice to know, at least, that you have a teacher that cares.

Maybe my attachment to Sir Darma is a bit personal. I must admit, he did help me earlier this year. When I was lost, he was someone who offered a listening ear. And even though his advice wasn't completely helpful, I still appreciate his intentions.

And Teachers' Day really is all about that: appreciation.

My class starting to come together, pitching in ideas and making plans that even though were a bit last-minute was something that we wanted to accomplish together. We made what I liked to call: "The Wall of Superheroes" on our class softboard. We found images of renowned heroes like Superman, Mr Incredible, Catwoman, Batman, etc., and replaced their heads with the faces of our 9th Grade teachers. A bit comical, I suppose, but the whole 'teachers are Superheroes' analogy is something I find touching. We made a background of a city, and huge clouds in the sky with really inspirational quotes on teaching.

"A good teacher is like a candle. It consumes itself to light the way for others." -- Mustafa Kemal
"A teacher affects eternity. He can never tell when his influence stops." -- Henry Brooks Adams
Sir Darma was in a bit of a mood lately. It seemed like he was fed up with our class. And it put us in a stalemate. We knew he was pissed -- he'd stop lecturing us in the morning like he usual does -- and was just so quiet, but we didn't know how to meet his expectations either.

So today, things would be different. They would be changed for the better :)

It was just after lunch break. We would have a period of Biology class, of course taught by our Sir Darma. So before he came out of the class opposite ours, 9D, we all held a red rose, some held candles and we form a walkway between 9D and 9B. As Sir Darma stepped out of 9D and saw us all lined up, I smiled when I saw his look of surprise.

When he came up to take the rose from each of us, we all recited a line from a personal letter I wrote specifically for that day. We told him how we realized his frustation of late, and how in reality, we do appreciate what he's done, all the time and resources he's given to our class. And how we want to start over, start anew and move forward together, better than before. The fact he said he was close to tears made me feel warm and fuzzy inside.
 "Teaching us maybe like a rollercoaster -- lots of ups and downs. But we'll make sure it's a ride you'll enjoy! :)" -- 9B to Sir Darma
 A day of roses, candles, letters and songs, it's been one of the most personal touching Teachers' Day I've been through.

And since I aspire, to be an educator one day, seeing that little treats like this might be in store for me... all the pain and trouble of teaching, is starting to seem worth while.

Thanks for reading!

--Karin Novelia, Appreciative Student :)


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Thanks to appreciate "somebody", Keep forward to write and always be creative person, dont easy to say give up..... Try to Be a nice person for all person, although maybe its hurt us...... GBU

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