Spreading the Christmas Cheer

It's the 25th of December, or a day most people tend to celebrate as Christmas Day. I've had a wonderful Christmas holiday so far, though I must admit, the atmosphere is a bit... lacking.

I sent a few greetings to some friends across the water, specifically, from the Philippines. That made me think on the Christmases I spent back there. Decorating my classroom and the school with my mates. C.S.A. always was festive this time of year. Which made me start to see a huge difference between then and now. Perhaps it's the fact that Filipinos are mostly Roman Catholic so Christmas is a big deal for them. On the other hand, Indonesians are mostly Islamic.

Yes, this year, in my house there is no Christmas tree put up. No lights are hung, no tinsel and holly decking the halls. There is a paper mache snowman sitting in my room, but it's "melting" and falling apart. No carolers are trotting down the streets, and blasting Christmas CDs in my room can't go on all day.

But the thing, all those material things, though support and uplift the atmosphere, isn't what Christmas is all about. Christmas is a state of mind. It's one time of the year, where the world unites in a mood of feeling jubilant, cheerful and spend the day with family in friends, excecuting a ritual that fosters friendship, love and togetherness.

To have a holiday that conspires the universe to feel thankful and giving, isn't it just wonderful?

This year, I spent my Christmas at home. Nothing fancy. I woke up to find my Dad's home-cooking waiting on the table, the delectable scent simply mouth-watering. My Dad enjoys cooking, but it's a rare occasion, and to see him not working in Christmas day is also a blessing for me, this year. We dressed up, went out and tried some Italian cuisine at a local mall. We went shopping, Christmas shopping, together as a family. Nothing fancy. But memorable, none the less.

Christmas is also a reminder that there's only a week left in the year. And looking back, it's been one hell of a ride. But I guess I'm getting ahead of myself. I should save the nostalgia for New Year's Eve.

So, in the words of my favorite Christmas jingle, "FELIZ NAVIDAD, PROSPERO ANO Y FELICIDAD!". Merry Christmas, have a prosperous and happy year ahead! From the bottom of my heart, have a happy holidays! :D


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