Reminders for the New Year

Hello dear reader.
Sorry for not posting. I know I promised to post some stuff during my winter break but being San Fransisco was so much fun, I decided to just immerse myself in the experience and take time write about it later.
Having such a wonderful holiday with your family is the best way to recharge. And that was really important as 2014 loomed nearer.
I might jinx it by saying it so early but 2014 is a great year for me. Things are starting to fall together. I'm more organized, more focused and most importantly, more passionate about being here and doing things that excite me.
Coming into this year, I decided to put my best foot forward. And that is working wonders. The first time of well, anything, can be terrifying but so far, many of this year's first have been great. But maybe I'll talk about some other time.
On New Year's Eve I did take some time to write though -- I wrote some "resolutions" for myself this year. It doesn't seem right to call them resolutions. They're not exactly set goals. They're more like reminders on how to be a better me. But I like the way this list turned out.
So here ya go!
Things to make a habit of:
1. Be OCD. You can say genius thrives in chaos but you're not a genius yet, eh?
2. Cut yourself some slack. You are your own worst critic.
3. Let yourself breathe. Don't stress yourself out over the little things. It's okay to spend time alone and find your inner zen.
4. Schedule and jot things down. Keep your thoughts and tasks organized.
5. Be patient. Knowing more than other people does not make you better than them.
6. Smile more. You never know who might fall in love with it.
7. Take the time to talk to people. Get to know them more and put yourself out there. Invest in your relationships.
8. Honor you commitments. Never do things half-assed.
9. Be selective of what you share. Yes, shit happens and you want to let it out, but be sure the other person cares.
10. Try something new. If you're good at it, practice. If you suck at it, practice. Every expert had to start somewhere.
11. Stop comparing yourself to others. It's unhealthy.
12. That said, never put yourself up on a pedestal. Acknowledge your strengths but also remember your weaknesses. Always do something to improve.
13. Swear less explicitly. Saying fudge and snickerdoodles is definitely way more fun.
14. Rediscover the joy of learning. Think of ways to make the dull and mundane, fun and interesting. Study because you want to, not because you have to.
15. Don't wear yourself out. Take some breaks. Get enough sleep. You're no use to anyone half-dead.
16. Never apologize for being passionate about something. Unleash your inner nerd.
17. Find the humour in everything, even the bad. Laugh at life and never stop looking for those silver lining. You're too young to be a cynic.
Aaaaand that's it. Re-reading this list makes me feel good, makes me feel ready.
So two words 2014: bring it.
--Karin Novelia, Gearing Up For An Awesome Year


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