Elephant in the Room: A Poem

All there is, is empty air
between two people
Merely a hand's reach away
Worlds apart

You ask me why
I'm so distracted
And my eyes wander to
the other end of the room

Can't you see it too?
The way it struts around
calling for attention
with no sound. So loud.

Thump. Thump. Thump.
Are those its footsteps?
Or the sound of a heart beating?
Yours or mine?
I can never tell.

"I miss the way we used to be"
Don't look away
It's staring at you
There. Right in the face

It's jumping through hoops
woven out of strings
of the words we never said
Tell me you see it too

There's an elephant in the room

Are you planning on shooting it down?

--Karin Novelia, Waiting For One Us To Break the Silence


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