Going Through The Time Tunnel and Taking Trippy Photos (#Penang2015) [Part 3]

A little later on the second day, after having our fill of admiring the quirky aesthetics of Penang's street art, we decided to head to this placed called "The Penang Time Tunnel". It was a museum which displayed some old photos and things illustrating Penang's history. The cool thing about this place though, was that it also had a 3D art exhibit where we got to take some really cool photos. Enjoy! :)
My friend rocking that sassy hand on hip pose.
Pretty Chinese cutlery

Can you believe they used to have square coins??

There was one area that was a "gravity defying"space. So cool!

My yoga skills have progressed so much.
Have an artsy shot of a painting depicting cars on a dark street
(actually a shot i took by mistake but u didn't need to know that)
The museum was close to closing when we got there so we hurriedly tried to take as many shots as we could (the staff there didn't even chase us out even though it was past closing time). Then we made our merry way to ChinaHouse which, despite it's name, was more of a hipster joint and served awesome, aesthetically plated food. (spoilers i might've tried alcohol for the first time).
We walked past this beautiful boardwalk by the sea and started singing
random songs with an ukelele. I swear I was a pirate in my past life,
the way I keep on finding myself staring at the sea.

Night fell suddenly. Always loved looking at lights being reflected in the water.
(Part 4)

-- Karin Novelia, Getting Used To Snapping Photos Again


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