Little Slice of Malaysian Paradise (#Penang2015) [Part 1]

Well hello again, my dear imaginary audience.

As you can see this holiday has been a bit of a whirlwind for me, with so much travelling and getting ready for the new year and new adventures.

I flew back from America on the 3rd of January, then had less than 12 hours to get myself back to the airport for an early morning flight to a pretty nifty place: Penang!

We spent a good 6 days there, me and my friends and I was shown around all the cool places, we went to the beach and tried what was undeniably the best thing about Penang: it's food. I am super tired right now but I figured the least I could do was share with you guys some of the cool shots I took on this trip. I might have to divide it up into a few parts but here's the first few days where we had ice cream and went to the beach! :)

We stopped by a little ice cream joint called Maxim's Gelato and it was so yum.

Nothing better than the feeling of soft sand between your toes.
It was kind of cloudy but luckily it didn't rain!

Who doesn't love writing in the sand?

Boy band promotional album cover material.
Best thing about taking pictures is seeing the smiles on your friends' faces :)

Almost got hit by the cable trying to take shots of the paraglider but it was worth it.
Goshdarnit I wish I could have tried flying through the air on that thing.

Always been obsessed with the sea and the sky and all their shades of blue.
(Part 2)

--Karin Novelia, Having Fun In The Sun


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