A Day of the Dedication to the Earth

April 22nd. You might wake up in the morning and think that this was just another ordinary day. But in reality it was quite a special one and I was shocked that most people I knew had forgotten all about it. Take a look outside, right now, and tell yourself what you see. Maybe you see a beautiful front yard, a field of green grass, or a few trees growing in between the grey concrete building and asphalt streets. This casual green sight may be something we take for granted.

But all of that is part of our planetary home, Earth. And on that special date, 22nd April, people all over the world celebrated Earth day. For years now, we have heard the terms "Global Warming", "Pollution", "Extinction" and tons of comments and scientific statements that are showing that our Earth is in dire need of help.

As the people living on Earth, it is our responsibility to take part in taking care of it. And of course that includes us—the young students of Santa Laurensia School. From elementary students until high school students and teachers, we can all help take part in becoming a "Green School", one that is more Earth-friendly.

I was studying that morning as usual, making a small pledge to conserve energy today. I switched off most the lights and air-conditioners, relying on hand fans and natural winds to cool me, and even rested my laptop for the day and settled for pen and paper. Little did I know that, at 10.45 am, I would be pulled away from class to join a little Earth Day event.

Students from elementary and high school were beginning to gather in the front square just beyond the gates of Columbus Hall. It turned out that the high school (SMA) students of Santa Laurensia had set up a presentation to bring more awareness about Earth day and the steps their teams have taken to help make Santa Laurensia become a Green School.

The presentation was well-presented. The speaker, one female high school student, spoke with such clarity and firmness that made the words stick your heart. Some the efforts the team of high school students are things such as recycling, composting and reusing greywater (leftover water from washing). They've also done re-planting of trees and plants and decorated hallways with potted plants.

A special guest speaker was…. She supported the efforts of Santa Laurensia of trying to help contribute in healing the Earth and making a green school. It touched me to see such an aged woman still have a strong spirit and will to make the change that is needed.

The presentation ended with a symbolic ceremony. Representatives from elementary, junior high, senior high, teachers, and management were handed a potted plant called a Sansifera, a plant that could efficiently absorb carbon dioxide and radiation pollution.

This presentation was a real eye-opener for us guests (SMP OSIS and Writing Club members), and moved us to start taking part. We hope that you, our readers, will feel inspired to contribute in conserving the Earth. Not just on Earth Day, but everyday.


Sir Writes-A-Lot


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