A Wacky Weekend, Part 1: A Fun Friday Night

(A bit overdue, but better late than never right?)

This all happened on the weekend of the 23rd. It was a Friday and as usual, the excitement of hitting home and relaxing was on my mind all throughout school hours. I was bored during the 2nd break seeing as everyone was having remedial or something I headed over to 7A to see my BFF, Shella. We had plans to go swimming after school, sort of a weekly exercising ritual.

What a surprise: she bailed on our plans, but had a better one. She asked me to hang out at SMS with the other 7A guys. I immediately said yes. When the school bell rang and class ended, I was psyched up to go. But, since I hadn't prepared any hanging out clothes, I had to head home first.

I took a quick shower and grabbed my black Milk Teddy bag. We all drove to Gading Serpong in Shilla's car (the four of us: Me, Shella, Vanie and Nico) and met up with Izzy at the mall. We wanted to catch a movie, but luck wasn't with us that day. The next showing had just started when we got there about 4 and the rest were too late for our liking.

Oh well. We decided to have lunch since everyone was just starving. Me and Shella had Nasi Campur (my recommendation), Nico had a giant bowl of bakso, Vaine and Shilla had noodles and Izzy spend most of her money on a slab of steak.

That was enough to make me way full. But then Nico ordered 2 plates of french-fries and kind of forced everyone to chow down without him ahahaha.

Then we started mixing things in the giant soup ball of thing. Adding, chili, egg mushy french-fries, Hop-Hop jelly and even Vanie's spit (eww…) we were acting pretty disgusting.

Grossness aside, we finished lunch and walked around the mall. First we hit Duca Suara and scanned the aisle for some hit albums. I bought Jamie Cullum's, The Pursuit! It was awesome; he's such a great jazz artist, almost as great as Michael Bublé ;)

We hit Cindy, a souvenir shop where they wanted to buy a birthday gift for Vania. Since they were low on cash, I chipped in for crediting rights haha. We ended up buying a huge pink dog doll thing, which we knew she was gonna have a hard time bringing.

We wandered around a bit, just hung out and even went to Circuz town and acted like pre-schoolers. The day ended with me, Shella, Nico and Vanie posing at the Kodak's Photobox.


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