A Wacky Weekend, Part 2: The Four Ss

What are the four Ss? Well, it's a pretty good way to sum up the rest of my weekend. It stands for: Saturday, Sunday, Smiles and Shopping. Simple, right?

Well, on the Saturday of the 24th of April, I got up kind of early. Okay, it was 9 AM when I woke up, but hey, that's early for me :P. I had a decent night of sleep. I had a small breakfast, and barged into my parent's room. My Mom was out shopping for food at the market, with my sister and my brother was still asleep. The night before, on Friday when I went to SMS with my friends, they went to Lippo Karawaci and bought DVDs.

Lucky for me, they got the newest episodes of Flash Forward, one of my favorite shows J.

When it was turning around noon, my Mom had come home and we had plaaned to go out. After baths, we all got into our new Honda Freed :) . My dad drove us to Plaza Senayan, where he said lunch was going to be a surprise. We went up to whatever floor, and when I was riding on the escalator I saw this humongous sign stare back at me.

(Like how Michael Bublé is pronounced Bublay, it's Marchay)

Okay, so maybe I'm the only person in my class who hasn't even heard of Marché, but living quite a while away from Jakarta from Alam Sutera doesn't give me many chances to go there. Basically, it shop and dine-in restaurant. You walk around food stalls like you're in a market, order your food on the spot and they will cook it on the spot, hot and fresh and oh so delicious. It has a farm-country, Switzerland theme. Yup, Swiss. Famous for cheese, dairy products, apples and potatoes. The place was decorated to look like a wooden cottage up in the Alps, with a few ski cable car private booths, and a rocky landscape deco. Even the bathroom looks like ones in a small shack, with dim lighting and a nice, cozy home-feel.

We ordered a banquet of food, and it was all, I'm satisfied to say delicious:

  1. Rosti (fried potatoes, and I had grilled salmon on top of mine J)
  2. BBQ Ribs (My brother Bill's order, but he was happy to share ;). Delicious sauce and cuts like butter! Mash potatoes aren't the gagging tasteless kind. And the gravy is the best!)
  3. Fish and Baked potato (Dad's order. I forgot what the name of the fish was but it tasted salty, which I like. Baked potato was warm and soft accompanied with a meat and veggie filling)
  4. Assorted Salad (Another thing about this place is its obsession with Apples. So they had apple salad too. Add a nice mix of lettuce, tomatoes, croutons and another slice of rye bread, with a topping of Thousand Island dressing and you're good to go!)
  5. Pepperoni Pizza (My baby sister Tan's order and as usual she hogged most of the slices. It the nice kind of pizza with soft bread and crispy crusts. You could really taste the pepperoni and the cheese was a nicely spread thick layer and way stretchy)

Needless, to say we were stuffed, and I was officially sick of potatoes. I just had too much! Anyway, while we were done, we headed off to Sogo, where Mom was buying cosmetic, and the rest of us headed to the upper floor (5th I think?) towards Kinokuniya.

Like I've said, I haven't been at PS for awhile, so I'm not sure, but I think they moved? Well, even if they didn't the changed to layout a bit, and I had to wander around to find the Fiction section.

Seeing it was like a dream. It was packed with tons of novels, most I've never heard of and after reading the back covers, just enchanted me. They all seemed like finely crafted works of literature, and I was as always faced with the daunting challenge of choosing between this enormous list.

First, I set a limit. 3 books at best and began choosing carefully. I started with the basics— buying the next volumes in an on-going series I was in the progress of reading. Luckily, I found the 39 Clues volume 8 and Maximum Ride volume 3. Then I picked out a new series, The Magic Keepers volume 1 out of three. It wasn't that thick of a book, and it was a magical fantasy, one of my favorite genres.

I spend around 300Gs total for my own books. Satisfied, we went home with a cup of Cold Stone ice cream.


Sunday, was a bit slow. I had stayed up all night reading the 39 clues and woke up just as the clock struck 12. There wasn't any food prepared for me, and when I argued about it my parents said, "It would be a waste to prepare food for you now, when you'd only wake up and eat it cold by tomorrow. At least." I had nothing to say to that. That was almost true.

So I opened up a jar of Ceres choco jam and spread a nice thick layer on a single slice of bread. The family was already beginning to bathe and get dressed for another day out. I didn't have much homework and so I tagged along. My brother wasn't there, seeing as he went out alone with his friends to Lippo Karawaci.

We headed to Taman Anggrek. Mainly out of curiosity to see how the roof collapsed on Starbucks. At first, I didn't believe it, but seeing photos one of my Mom's friends took, you could clearly see the damage. Sadly, they had closed it off for repairs already, so we couldn't see the gaping hole that used to be the Mall's roof. Oh well.

We ate lunch at Pasta De Waraku, ordering Eel and Egg Pizza as always. We headed to Gramedia, bought a few books and comic, and then when my Dad finally gave in to my little sister's pleas, we entered Duca Suara Music Store. We bought a few CDs, okay, more than a few, but blame that on my shopaholic sister.

We went home my about 6 and lounged about lazily for the rest of the day, preparing for another busy work week.


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