The End of One Thing, The Beginning of Another

Today is practically one of the most happiest Thursdays of my life. After enduring another sick day yesterday, forcing myself to finish all my schoolwork until like MidNight, waking up a tad cranky the next morning, I finally made it to school, to my dear class 7F without a last minute up-chuck.

I have finally rid myself of all schoolwork for this year (hooray!) and now have to prepare for final exams (boohoo!). So today was the final day of normal classes and next week we would all be facing our final exams in the eye. Tomorrow's a Friday, the day when I'm at my best, and the school, thankfully, let us have the day off.

For once, I was glad to be at school. When you're at home puking your guts out, school was a more welcoming option. I've seen that 7F hasn't changed a bit, and apparently someone missed me while I was gone (awww… wkwkwkwk). Things went by at a leisurely pace. School was out of boring lessons and lectures, and as the last sessions for us, teachers were sort of saying goodbye

Anyways, that isn't the only reason why I was happy. The main highlight of the day started at exactly 5 PM on my favorite channel called Star World. That's right today was the Finale Results Show on American Idol.

As a fan of music, I almost instantly latched onto the show. Although I'm not a follower of every single season, I love the show for the fact that it's bringing talented nobodies into the spotlight of the music biz. So far, great talent has been introduced to the world and today was no different.

Stepping into season 9, I must say that this was one of the more promising seasons I've watched. We could really see raw and authentic talent from the top 12 competitors and it was really hard for me to pick a favorite. But after a few weeks, I fell in love with one guy. His name is Lee DeWyze.

(It's funny how a subtle lift of the finger like that can say, "I'm number one.")

For the past few seasons, the boys were a bit more favored in the show and this season was no different. With a raspy edge and an acoustic guitar as his weapon choice, Lee's got this rocker-style going for him, much like previous Idol singers I've adored like Daughtry and David Cook.

At first, Lee wasn't the strongest contestant on the show, apparently due to lack of confidence. Again and again the Judges have commented that Lee seemed nervous and shy. But with every step this guy just got better and better, and if people think he hasn't got the best vocals, they gotta give him an A+ for effort and passion.

Anyways, this season's finale came down to Lee DeWyze and Crystal Bowersox. I gotta hand it to Crystal though, she does have a great voice but something about her just doesn't exactly click with me. She's been a strong competitor throughout the show and neither had been in the bottom 3. There was only a 2% difference in the votes, host Ryan Seacrest said. Wow, close call much? Guess the voters have been hitting the Idol lines hard.

(Lee and Crystal, dressed up for Top 5-Sinatra Week. Coincidentaly, in the Top 4 duets, they ended up together and performed an acoustic rendition of Once's "Falling Slowly")

Before we get over to the results, the finale numbers were quite a treat. I loved seeing the top 12 hit the stage again and when I saw the whole preppy-school punk-rock theme they were putting on for the first song, "School's Out" with the legendary Alice Cooper, I was like "wow!". It's the first time I saw the show go all out, rock n' roll like that, and I loved the red blazers.

Anyhoo… The clock neared 7 PM and yeah, that meant it was time for results. Ryan paused for dramatic effect, and well, I guess I always knew what was coming. THE WINNER WAS LEE DEWYZE!

(Look at his face, right when they announced it. Doesn't he look cute? haha. But seriously, the dude even got all watery-eyed on the show, even before the results were out. He was just so nervous.)

And like I once said in a Facebook post, "I'm Always Right ;)"

I can't wait to see what Lee will cook up next after his big win, and I'm expecting it to be bigger than before. If it was me, winning American Idol would be the greatest pick-me-up and all my self-doubt would be thrown right out the window. I'm a beLEEver all the way.

And another bonus, I got to rub it in my brother's face who was insisting Crystal would win all season. So, I'm in a totally excited, happy, supercalifragilisticexpialodoucious mood right now!

Today marked the end of the formal school lessons, but marked the beginning of a week of final tests. Today marked the end of Lee's American Idol journey, but also marked the beginning of a star's new career. Today marked the end of yesterday, but marks the beginning of tomorrow.

That list could go on and on and on. I guess the main point is that life's all about ending and beginnings and sometimes the line between them is blurred. I strongly believe that whenever I hit a rock-bottom ending in life, with some hope, a new door of beginning just flew right open.

It's getting late, so I'll end this post quickly. Gotta get up early to hit those school books. See you later, writers!


Sir Writes-A-Lot


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