The Chance of a Lifetime

As I've promised, I'm back today with a new post.

This day, like my life has been a complete rollercoaster. I couldn't sleep at all the night before, so I was sleepy and cranky that morning when I stepped into my class.

I had been up all completing projects, but thankfully everything worked out. Simply because at the end of the day, I was expecting some very big news.

So it was nearing the end of the last lesson. My 7F class was in the middle of Miss Patricia's Listening and Speaking class. Our last project was about "Inventions", where we had to think of a new invention and present and advertise it.

After the huge success of my group's commercial, the whole class applauded and was laughing all about it. It wasn't until the end of the next commercial did Yudhi come knocking on our class door.

Me, Melinda and Madeleine stepped out when he called us. We knew what was about to come next. Apparently, Yudhi can't dish out with bad news with a straight face.

After booting out Melinda, like on American Idol, it was down to the bottom two. Instantly after Melinda left, Meydi said, "Udah deh pasti Karinlah."

Uhh, I'm flattered? :P

The thing about being smart is that people already see it coming. Getting a 100 on a test for the umpteenth time, doesn't surprise people that much. I guess it is flattering that people expect to hit high, but it's sort of unnerving. It sort of makes you think that you are going to do well, but then when you don't, people sort of give a "Masa sih?" kind of look.

Back to the story. After modestly denying that my victory was set in stone, I swear I felt my heart was going to fall out. Yudhi paused for a second to take some letters out of his file, and he was fumbling with them for so long, I almost jumped forward to snatch the whole thing.

He straightened out the papers and paused for dramatic effect (?).

"You're both going to Singapore!"

I instantly cracked up in a smile, but when dealing with formal news I've learned to try to act professional. No jumping and whooping in joy. Nope, just a smile and a nod.

Then again, Meydi instantly shouted in joy, fist pumping up in the air beside and I sort got swept away in all the hype. So much for professional.

We did a quick high five, much to the bewilderment of passing students. We were happy, proud and excited. What else can I say? We were both chosen as one of the few 12 students who were going to Singapore for the 2nd ASEAN Youth Conference. For 8 days we would convene with other countries (all members of ASEAN +3, China, Japan and South Korea)

I am so filled with joy. Congratulations to the other lucky students! Let's do our best together!

As I write, the final episode of Monk ended and man was it beautifully ended.

Now, I'm gonna spend the next two hours watching DVD. What should I watch? Flash Forward's a first choice, but then again I could watch that documentary for my Biology homework….



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