The Complexities of People

Before you say anything, yeah I know it's late. Why am I up so late? One word: projects. And the school's whacked out policy that deadline should be tomorrow. Don't get me wrong, I know their doing that to give us more ULUM prep time, both honestly couldn't they have made it this Monday? That would give us the whole weekend tying up loose ends and putting on finishing touches. And believe me group work is not easy. -__-

ASEAN Youth Conference thing hasn't been announced yet, but by the looks of Yudhi's facebook status he's picking out candidates right now. Something to look forward to -__-

Anyways, bad mood, sleepy mood aside, I've been on a rollercoaster for awhile this year, but it looks like I'm having more ups than downs. Hopefully a fresh dose of Lee DeWyze songs will cheer me up tonight. J

Right now, I'm really confused about people. As one of the most evolved, intelligent ones on Earth, we're also the most complicated. Maybe it's because I've had a sheltered childhood, and my only playmate at home was TeeVee and Nickelodeon sitcoms, I like to stay quiet and observe people. Once considering psychiatry in my future career, sometimes I wonder whether or not we're too complicated enough to understand.

Basic psychology knowledge: people are who they are now based on their past experiences. Factors like family, friends, social community, all play a role in that. Stepping into SMP Santa Laurensia has really showed me a different spectrum of people. Maybe it was because we were all teens going to puberty and stuff and my train of thought was as innocent as a 5-year-old, but at first maybe I gave people the benefit of the doubt more than I should have.

I'm not saying names here, but unlike others, I don't like to gang up on others even though their flaws are apparent and I get somewhat determined to unveil the better person behind that. Doing the right thing isn't always the easy thing. Most of the time, my mom says I'm too nice for my own good (is that a bad thing?).

Once there was a boy, who everyone made fun of from day one. Being moved by goody-two-shoes heart, I decided to give him a chance and get to know the person inside. At first, it all seemed to sail smoothly. He turned out to be a fun and upbeat sort of guy. Dodging rumors and constant reminders that he is *insert bad word/trash talk here* and doesn't deserve a second of my time, I didn't listen. Guess you can tell this didn't turn out well, huh?

Long story short, he spilled a huge secret to the one main person he should've never told and we stopped being friends.

Yet, believe it or not, I found it in my heart to forgive him in the end.

"The Power of Forgiveness Sets You Free, Right?"

Okay, enough of that tragic story of a betrayed friendship. All it did was prove my point. People are complex. One minute, they act like this, then the next they do a complete 360 spin on ya.

For years, I've pondered why the Earth is so complicated. Correction, overly-complicated. And I guess I've discovered the answer is that people are the ones who are over-complicated. Like now there's all this talk of Global Warming. Can they stop all this talk for once and put in some action? Like you know how cars are one the main problem due to green house gas emissions? Can they just do something directly about the problem and I don't know, STOP mass-producing cars? That'll save metal and gas and force everyone to buy a bike.

Why can't that actually happen? Because, like I said, people are complex. They know it is the right thing to do but they avoid doing the right thing all due to their overzealous and egotistical need to make sure they are comfortable and thus cars are a society's must. Everyone would be causing a riot if a policy like that was ever passed and riot=chaos, chaos=political upheaval, political upheaval=anarchy, anarchy=living hell on Earth.

Yeah, I'm a bit peeved right now. >:P

Another example for humanity's complexities, is a certain girl. At a glance, this girl seems quiet and innocent, like a kindergartener stuck in teen's body. You think she does everything with all her might and would never hurt fly. WRONG! That's exactly what she wants you to think, so especially if you're smart, she'll start approaching you without you noticing it and you feel obligated to do all the work when you are in the same group, but then she starts getting pushy and giving orders and (I don't know what the English term is) nyolot.

Lesson learned: outside appearances and inside personalities can be completely different. Why can't people just act like themselves? There are various reasons. But one reason that I think applies for everything is that people are complex and complicated.

And I'm afraid we'll just never understand why.


Sir Writes-A-Lot


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