A Quiet Saturday


Hey, it's me again, typing to you somewhat late.

I had planned to make this Saturday completely filled with work, but that hadn't turned out well. First, I overslept this morning like I did every Saturday but this time it was completely by accident. Well, maybe it was partly my fault. Mostly cause, last night my Dad came home with something new. And like always I questioned how much his salary was if he could keep buying things like that. But also "like always" what he brought home was absolutely sweet, and I couldn't help but bulge my eyes out.

It was the latest Apple iPad. That's right iPad, 64 GB of pure awesome technological sweetness. He tricked out already with a few games and asked me to give it a try. Granted, it was just a wider, more upgraded version of my out iPod Touch, but when I tried out its E-book program, I was sold.

As you probably already know, I like reading. And although I could read on my iPod Touch, the screen was too small for my already glasses-wearing eyes. It felt like holding a really slim, cool silver book. The font was adjustable, and easy on the eyes. Having an e-book reader would help satisfy my hobby of reading and save paper too, the bane of every avid reader's existence.

But then again, I sort of prefer reading a good ol' printed paperback too. Something about the way the front cover illustrations and back cover summaries of a novel appeal to me. The way that the second you open the cover, you're introduced into a completely different world. The way the black ink of the printed letters pop out at you and fly off the pages as you read, the crisp sweet-smelling paper crackling with every turn of the page. Holding an actual book in your hands makes you feel like your jumping into the very pages itself.

Then again, there's the e-book and its apparent benefits.

And yeah, I'm just full of contradictions.

Anyways… back to my day. So when my father seductively passed the iPad pass my face, he asked me to give it a test drive, since I was the most objective and eloquent person in the house. And I spent about 2 hours after my DVD night playing "Plants versus Zombies". (Go ahead and judge, but I haven't played anything in a while, I love mini-games like that, the artwork was cute and it was 100% addictive)

So I woke up at 10 AM. I actually woke up early and saw that it was fifteen minutes to 8 AM and for some reason I dozed off. I would usually panic, jump out of my bed and rush on my breakfast. But when I realized what time it was I just did a double blink.

No need to get stressed out over nothing right?

So after breakfast, I sealed myself in my room to finally arranged all my scattered school papers, test and notes. It took a few hours, but I was glad when I got it done. Around 1 PM my family wanted to head out. I for once declined, completely set on getting myself busy.

And for the whole afternoon-ish evening I had the house all to myself. I work best alone, in complete silence, peace and calm. But today, for some reason I couldn't dig deep and find my steeled determination. Maybe because it was Saturday, maybe it was because I was just so extremely tired after this week. Or maybe it was because of last night's gaming hangover or the fact that my fatigue just decided to step in.

I lay down on my parent's bed staring sleepily at the TV. I suddenly realized how… overwhelming it was to share a house with 4 other people. I mean, I loved my family, but like in every family there are some conflicts from time to time. I guess after all this time, all the work was taking its toll.

So for until 3 PM I watched Starworld. On weekends they showed mostly put on re-runs of the shows they air weekly, sort of like a recap on everything. A few moments and a chunk of Cream Cheese Brownies later, I regained my strength and groggily walked over to my family computer. Turning back on from its temporary sleep, I opened Google Chrome and Microsoft Word.

I quickly checked my Facebook account. I couldn't help but raise an eyebrow as I saw the 8th Grader's comments on Yudhi's "You're Going To Singapore" message. Let's just say they were…. Entertaining. Haha.

Switching back to Microsoft Word, I typed out my "Schoolwork Table" and "Ulangan Umum Semester 2 Materials". I used to have a hand-written one (some of you at school, might've seen me carrying a colorful table on a piece of A4) but I sort of lost it.

I spent the rest of my time typing that out and doing quick reviews on all the subjects until my fam came home at around 7. Just when I was getting into a good working groove, they kicked me out of the room, so I lost all hope and rocked out with my plants while fighting zombies back on my (er, family's) iPad.

Work-wise, this day sucked. I only did half the things I wanted to do excluding, additional ASEAN research prep, and starting Yudhi's warm-up exercise. Fun-wise, I liked it. At least I got some work done, and I actually enjoyed working at a leisured yet steady pace. After a tiring week, maybe a slow day was all I needed. Gonna head to sleep now.

Let me end this post by saying, thanks for reading.


Sir Writes-A-Lot


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