A Few Words of Wisdom

Hey, readers, fellow swash-buckling pen wielders ;)

I've kicked myself into high-gear to turn into the ultra-dilligent kid that just might take over the world a few more weeks muahahaha. Reason? One word: exams. I have to get prepared and decided to do it early. Afterwards, I'm gonna free as bird doing what I do best and totally love doing: writing.

So to kick start my new found dilligence, as you can see I've already posted my weekly blog post quite early. And I've got a couple more on my weekend coming soon. Tommorrow's another start of a busy week and I for one, feel excited.

Here's a few words of wisdom to help you guys that need a little pick-me-up. My own life philosophy:

"Life is simply like a road. You keep walking, towards a destiny you don't know, reach places and feel experiences you'll never know of 'till u get there. You don't know how long the road is, or what lies at the end. But the most memorable thing is walking the road itself. Life isn't about being alive. It's about 'feeling' alive and living life to the fullest. The 1 philosophy I truly believe in :)"


Sir Writes-A-Lot


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