My Week of Holiday :D

This week I had a whole week of vacation. That meant a whole week of freedom from school and a whole week to rest and relax. Nothing really happened. Just had a lot of alone time. Read a few books, watched a few movies. I did all of my homework ahead of time so, I was sort of bored. My brother had to go to school for his UAN so I had the morning at home to myself.

On Wednesday, just when he got home, I myself had to go to school. It was for that Writing Club session on Travel Writing and the competition that was being held for the 8h graders. It was fun to watch how the 8th graders acted in ‘class’ and I wasn’t really surprised to see that they were as noisy as my own classmates.

When all that fun was over, I walked just across the street from the school gate in to the Lavender cluster in Alam Sutera and headed over to my best friend’s house. We had a nice chat, just the two of us and I helped her with some homework. Haha, everywhere I go it seems that someone has to ask me something about school.

Anyways, when the clock struck 4 we headed on our bikes to the Sports Center for her swimming lesson, me tagging along as company. We did a couple of laps and since I haven’t gone swimming in a while it was quite the workout. Then it started raining, and our bags were out in the open. We finished our last lap quick and showered up then had dinner at the cafeteria.

The month of March turned to April and it was met with a series of birthdays. All in a row. So here’s a special shout out to all the special people who are getting old :P

April 2: Debra Patricia, Happy Birthday, sayang! Haha

April 3: Glenys Jovita, Wienny Tjoa and a VERY special birthday to my one and only Dad: Tekno WIbowo. Ur the best!

April 4: Fellow club member, Natasha Clarita!! Happy Birthday!

And of course, the anniversary of when Christ has risen, HAPPY EASTER guys!


Sir Writes-A-Lot


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