A Turn for the Worse?

Hey. As I promised, the diligent me is gonna kick herself into high-gear and put this blog into good use.

High-light of the day: I fell again. Really, really, really stupidly. I was walking home like I always did after school, passing Alam Sutera and bidding adieu to my best friend Shella. Adjusting my bags on my shoulders I walked along the side of the road and suddenly, out of nowhere, jumped out a frog.

It was huge and startled me, so I instinctively jumped out the way, moving my foot away just before I stepped on it. Unfortunately, I miscalculated my step and hit a pothole in the soil. I twisted my ankle and lost my balance, arms failing as I tried to find some kind of support to hold on to and right myself up.

Though I thought I was able to keep myself from falling, I was oh so horribly wrong. During my almost-fall my laptop bag strap had slipped off and I tripped on it. I fell forward, my backpack hitting the ground first before me. You'd think it would help cushion my fall, but in reality, it just made it a whole lot painful.

The bulking mass filled with what school legally called "textbooks", hit me right in my side and my laptop bag I tried to slip back on ended up being thrown a bit up in the air and hitting me right on the chest, knocking the breathe out of me.

A really weird, stupid, and ridiculous chain of events, which may seem highly elaborated here, but in truth happened in mere seconds all resulting with a big fat 11 on a pain scale of 1 to 10.

Even stupider, my mom drove up to me from behind and saw the whole clumsy episode. When I got into the car, battered and bruised, I was surprised to see she was smiling.

Go figure.


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