Off The Grid: Day 6

Had a wonderful day today with the fam. So much that I nearly forgot about the blog post. Well, with yesterday's piece, I'm pretty much out of writing fuel, so this'll prolly be brief.

Saw Looper today (finally!) and I must admit it was pretty amazing. I loved how Rian Johnson decided to keep things a little linear in a time-travel plot. You worry less about paradoxes and the illogical-ness of it all and just focus on what happens in the story at that moment. But then again I do enjoy the 'loop' thing you can do with them, it's practically a writer's gold mine. The mechanisms made sense, though I'm still not sure about the ending. Acting was impeccable -- especially from the little kid who played Cid. It sent shivers up my spine, seriously. Ever since I saw the Looper poster, I did question the appearance of Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Then I realized it was to make him look a little more Bruce Willis-esque (though I still question the thickness of his eyebrows) and that added to Joseph's performance. He didn't seem to care that it wasn't really his face that was popping up on screen -- on the contrary, he immersed himself into the character even more, down to that voice.

All in all Looper was original, one of the best scripts I've seen, beautifully shot and well-paced with amazing actors to boot. Will gladly come back to it, if only to watch Joe's face all over again <3>
I've realized one thing today. That despite my slight anxiety to deal with anything that has to do with crowds, I was completely calm today and yesterday when I went out. The malls were packed, I even got crammed into an elevator at one point. But I was calm, and walking at a speed that was (for me at least) slow.

For once in my life I didn't have this obssessive need to rush.

Maybe this off the grid thing is working after all.

--Karin Novelia


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