Off The Grid: Day 8

Almost went to sleep without blogging tonight. Haha.

Well, you can't blame me. Don't really have much to say considering I had a less than wonderful day. Headache was still strongly pounding when I woke up. I need to get out of the house soon. Preparation for The Move needs to get kick started soon, so I guess that'll be interesting.

Another reason for the late night post: I got so caught in the group chat that I forgot. Now don't see this as me bailing on the whole Off The Grid thing. I could on for much longer (trust me, I already did so once) but I did miss those crazy guys and...

I was... strangely.... (now I hope this doesn't come off the wrong way) missed (?) And that was seriously something I wasn't expecting.

P.S. "Someone who has never seen a picture of Darren Criss and not called him an uncouth name is not a true fan" -- Tumblr. So true. That jerk and his Moonrise Kingdom costume.

Goodnight, dear reader.

--Karin Novelia


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