Busy Bee Me!

Quick update, faithful readers!

1) Got most of schoolwork done! Finished catching up on all tests and quizzes too!

2) Getting so pumped for ASEAN Day

3) Two writing competitions coming up! Wish me luck :)

4) Been going through a few high in the sky fantasies. Yup, cloud 9. Hahaha ;)

5) Still have post-AYC fever :) Keeping in touch with great friends and even had a chat with the awesome Carin Loh! :D

Soo yeaaahhh, life seems so great all of a sudden! Coincidentaly, I'm pumped on the same day the 9th Graders leave for retreat! Just kidding! Hope I can keep this spirit up! =D

Thanks for reading!

--Karin Novelia


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