I Just Wanna Say... Thank You.


Talking a walk down memory lane, sure is just... :')
After 2 weeks, this is still on my mind. Sorry, if the THANK YOU NOTE took so long, I've been busy okay :3 But better late than never right? I guess another reason I've decided to write this up now is cuz I've hit a bit of a snag in life right now. A few problems here and there, have gotten me derailed from my track of optimism and happiness. But amidst all the problems, I remembered AYC, and looking back at those memories reminded me that what I wanted to do was still in the right direction, and that it still is something worth doing.

Before you can move forward, sometimes you have to step back and really remember the things that have happened, the memories and experiences that keep you driven. All the while, you are compelled to say THANK YOU, even if it seems like repeating it over and over again.

So, AYC's over. And I have to say, it has really changed my life. I've said thank you and been grateful, a thousand times over, but I feel a proper thank you note is in order. The last time I did something like this, was back in the 6th Grade, just after I graduated. So you can probably tell, making a thank you note for AYC, which only lasted a week or so, makes it special.

And DARE I SAY it... better than 6B :O 

There I said it. So be happy people, feel special. One by one, let's go. (Just skip to your name then to the closing, if you don't wanna get bored XD)
1) First of all thank you to Mr and Mrs Chu for helping us along the way, making this GYCi and AYC happen and being such inspirational leaders who believe in the power of youth. To Yan Kiat and Yan Ling, for being such cute kids and great side entertainment :)

2) For Eileen, Stephanie, and David for showing what Youths can do by putting together AYC 2010, being awesome chairpersons and getting me pumped up to put my best foot forward in the AYC (in Indonesia, I heard :D).

3) To the proffesional speakers and experts who took the time to come over and educate us Future Leaders. I really appreciate what you've taught us and how much you believe in the power of YOUTHS. I'll always remember the important lessons you've given me and be sure to put them to good use.

4) To all my New friends:

-To the fellow YDLs I met on Day 1 :) (Azrina, Amirah, Heng Yi, Sun, Bao, Jiahe): It was fun getting to know you guys on the YDL training sessions! Thanks for sharing with us what knowledge you have and letting us know on the issues you face and would like to solve. You're a great bunch of people, so good luck for whatever you do in the future!

-All the fellow groupmates of J3: (Yin Tan, Yan Ying, Hui Yie, Sha, Natalia, Agas, Mia, Jun Wei, Dhiraj) Thanks for being such great groupmates! I really enjoyed the discussion and laughs we had together. Never forget WOW!, and keep in touch! :)

-J3's Lovely Facil, Xin Yu: Thanks for being such an awesome facil! We would be clueless in our discussion without you. Even though Dhiraj calls you an old lady, you look very pretty to me :) I read your words of inspiration from your farewell card when I feel down, because it reminds me of you and AYC!

-The guys at Outreach (Vivian, Yi Xin, Ryan, Darren): Thanks for being such awesome people and hanging out with us delegates during the night programs! The AYC experience just wouldn't be the same without it! Come to the next AYC in Jakarta, and we'll return the favor! Thanks for sending us off too! See you :)

-Dhiraj: Special shout-out to you man :) It was sooo nice of you to come all the way to the airport to say goodbye. I'll miss your fluffy attitude (?) and off-the-cuff remarks and humour! You're an awesome speaker man, I see you going places ;) 'Till next time, Fishball  XP

-Ezra: How can I forget Mr Insensitive? Thanks for adding some extra energy into AYC with your humour and awesomeness :) I hope you've taken my advice and gained some weight! Hahaha. Thanks for also making me immune to POKES, and teasing me with a certain someone ;) (I'd prefer you stop it though!). Come over to Jakarta sometime, and we'll be sure to show you a great time! 'Till then, cheers :)

-Carin: Hey, SOT twin :) Thanks for being such a great friend while we were there, being so fun. Your as awesome and pretty as your name! I'll miss you lots, and thanks for the farewell snacks, they were delish. Hope to see you again soon :)

-Boon: Thanks for taking us around Universal Studios on our first day XD. You're a really fun guy, and a master of air guitar. Hahahaha. Good luck in your future endevours, keep on rockin'! :)

-Uly: Really huge thanks for the Public Speaking session you gave to us YDLs! It was a great session, and you really got us into it by making us improv on the spot. But seriously, could've you thought of a more embarassing topic? "My Most Embarassing Moment", doesn't get as personal as that, huh? But it really made the session more enjoyable, and you reminded me that Public Speaking can be fun! Also, thanks for letting me see a stagedive in person, how to play air-guitar the right way, and showing me that a guy can hold a pink ukelele with style XD. Good luck in future plans, keep on being a great Public Speaker! :)

-The rest of the SOT gang, to numerous to mention: This AYC event wouldn't even had happened it wasn't for all of you guys' hardwork! THANK YOU SO MUCH! The memories made shall be kept in my heart forever. Hope we can see each other again in the next AYC! :)

5) Indonesian Peeps :)

-Fellow Indonesians from Bandung and Jakarta: (Gianna, Adit, Rafi, Dio, Dania, Adrian, Agas, Mia and Gloria) Hey, great job in AYC guys! It was a pleasure working with you, thanks for the help and cooperation! I look forward to our future plans together and a growing and lasting friendship! Let's make Indonesia proud! :)

6) The Wonderful People at Santa Laurensia JHS :)

-BIG THANKS to Mr Yudi, Pak Higinus, Bu Jane and Bu Maria for accompanying us on the AYC trip and helping us throughout the way. Without your support and faith in us from the beginning, we would've never been able to achieve what we did.

-Yudhi: Congrats again for becoming Head YDL! See great things in your future man, look forward to working with you. Without you this whole trip probably wouldn't have gone as smoothly as it did, so THANKS, for your support, care, and panic attacks (?) because of us. Learn to relax a bit, so you're head doesn't come off and I'm sure you'll be fine :)

-Jeffry: Patapon! (Peace Jeff ^^V) Thanks for being such a great guy throughout the entire trip. You're younger than I am, but that doesn't really show. You've got great potential, and sure can bring a fun yet deep guy. Good luck with being Alternate Chairperson. Hope we can continue to work together in the near future! :)

-Zoya: Hey, Zoya. I think you're a really nice girl, very responsible and able to be a leader. It was fun getting to know you better in this trip, and thanks for comforting and supporting me when I... well, you know. I really am grateful for you're help! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

-Kay: When I think of you, I think of the song Nobody. Hahaha. You're such a fun girl Kay, you may be small physically, but you have a big heart! Thanks for being such a great and bubbly friend, bringin joy and laughter to the whole experience. LOVE YOU, hugs! :)

-Edwin: You've been a big help, arranging the exhibition booth. Though you made a mistake, you still did a good job! Your laugh is just hilarious and you can keep a cool-head but still be fun when the situation allows. Hope to do great things together in the future :)

-Odi: otherwise known as Dit... I won't finish it XD. Your such a nice guy, a bit quiet but really fun. Sorry, if we kept you awake at night by talking in your room. Hahahaha. You must teach me Vietnamese language again, hahahaha. THANKS for lending me your iPhone too. Hahaha :)

-Clara: One word to describe you: Pretty. Seriously, I'm jealous, hahaha. You're a sweet and fun girl, made me laugh a lot during the trip. Hope I can get to know you even more. THANKS for being so awesome :)

-Cathy: You look like Clara so much, I sometimes get you two confused. XP You're great at playing the guiter, teach me sometime yeah? Hahaha. I like the way you speak, it sounds so cute, and you've been a big help throughout AYC, and a fan of doing the AYC claps. (GIVE ME ONE SEXY MACHO CLAP! XD) THANKS for making us have such a great time! :)

-Erico: Nyahaha, thinking of you during AYC always bring a smile to my face! As a fellow writing club member, AYC has helped me seen you in a different light. You're a fun guy to be around, to talk with, and though the way you act at night is somewhat scary (HAHAHA) you sure can make people laugh! Thanks for showing me how GAY the Nobody Dance can make a guy seem (just kidding, man XP) and showing me that a guy can buy undergarments and show them off. LET ME BORROW YOUR LEADERSHIP BOOKS. And keep on writing man :)

-Toby: Hey, Mr Student Council President. You're a really funny guy, always fooling around and saying something hilarious. But you proved that you can also be serious, intelligent and really helpful. I see you being an AWESOME future leader, and THANKS for everything you've done, even as Student Prez for this past year at Loren. :)

-Sharleen: Poce, hehehe. I'm amazed at the fact that we don't know each other that well, but we got together so quickly. You've been an awesome roommate (though, we never stayed in our room much), and I enjoyed spending nights with you and the rest of the 'sesi curhat' gang. The way you and Erico fight is hilarious! XD
THANKS for being such a good friend. Love you, muachh. :)

-Evan: Panda! I almost forgot your name here XD. (Sorry, not on purpose!) Yeah, so, I think we've gotten pretty close over AYC, which is amazing since I've never really known you before. THANKS for helping me carry my things, finishing my food (AND SLURPIES), and lending me money to buy shoes :3 You're a really funny, but also cooperative guy. I had a nice time talking and spending time with you. BUT I HATE THAT I'M SHORTER THAN YOU! And that you're so white and call me black. And you tease me so much. Hahahaha. -__- Anyways, hope we can keep this friendship up for a long time! :)

-Olivia: Your so tall lah, I'm jealous -__-". Hahaha. I've had so much fun hanging out with you, especially at Sentosa! We got sooo wet! Hahaha. And you kept on losing things, which were apparently in MY bag. But you haven't uploaded the AYC photos yet, meanie :3 Just kidding! No pressure, but upload them sometime, cuz they're really good ;) THANKS for the awesome time and letting me borrow your camera (not to take pictures HAHAHA). :)

-Karina: Hey, it's my other twin! You might not agree, but with people mixing up our names as often as they do, we might as well be! Hahahaha. I THANK YOU SO MUCH for your awesome camera skills. You have given me some of the greatest picture in AYC! Hehehe. And thanks for letting me play Tap Tap on your iTouch! Say hi and THANK YOU to Audrey for me too. Love you like a sister and bestie, muachh :)

-Kenny: Nyahaha, so how did your little brother like the NERF? THANKS for being a bit crazy during AYC, and for lifting up the mood with your awesome childish energy. Because you took me to Toys R Us, I was able to buy that Woody doll :3! And for introducing me to your little twin (Yan Kiat) Hahaha. I LOVE your pajamas, and I want to see you wear them again! Just keep the bad languange to a minimum next time okay? Hahaha :)

-Meydi: Hahaha, I just remembered the song NOBODY again. THANKS for showing me how to the the dance, the right way, and for being just the loud and awesome you during AYC. Be like Erico and show off the undergarments you bought with him (Just Kidding! XD). Nyahaha :)

-Garry: David! (Kidding ya, XD). I don't know why you hate being called David, it's a cool nickname, you know. Hahaha. Fellow 8A-er, you really have been a great help during AYC, being a YDL and everything, and have suffered catching up just as I have. XD. Good luck in your current position and THANKS for being so tolerable when we crashed in your room for our night sessions :3. DAVID! (Just for fun) :)

-Natasha: Hey, did you decide whether or not to fall yet? Hahaha. I miss our heart-2-heart sessions, and you going crazy at night, forcing me to... you know ;) Your a great girl, really fun and energetic. THANK YOU for almost spilling my secret, and making the rumours seem bigger than they already are (sacrastic mode: ON) Hahahaha. Wish you luck in your love-life. LOVE YOU, muachhh :)


This turned out to be so long @_@. Hahaha, well, that just means that there are a lot more things that I'm THANKFUL for. So even though AYC 2010 is over, I'm really glad it happened, with all the laughs and smiles and ups and downs.


Especially, to the Laurensia AYC-ers, I know we're all pretty busy since we came back. Even in the middle of all of the crazines with catching up with school, quizzes and tests, we still have been motivated and inspired enough by AYC, to start out After-Plan.

I'm sorry, if there are a few things that haven't gone entirely well. Especially on behalf of me, sorry for all my mistakes and errors. (Especially yesterday's presentation, FAIL! So SORRY again) I've accepted what criticism and comments you guys have given me, and I'm grateful for the feedback and support.

From this point onwards, let's keep on putting our best out there, to make our plans work.


--Karin Novelia


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