Pressing Restart

Hey, dear readers!

Been such a random week for me back at school. Lot's of changes, a few setbacks, near full-blown emotional explosions. But, I never post any bad details here, so yeah, that's the main point of the negativity that's been floating around lately.

But as I wrote on my twitter (@kainovelia):

"Having a fun weekend is like pressing restart for a terrible week."

And this was certainly the case for this week! Quick recap of what's been going on:
1) AYC After-plan hit a snag. 9th Graders getting back to hear bad news, was like total wildfire.
2) Got two writing comps, which I don't really see turning out well.
3) Getting scolded a lot this week. Hahahaha

But all those negative thoughts and feelings, disappeared over the course of one night. I can't believe how hard I'm laughing now. It all started yesterday:

1) Though my weekend plan with friends failed, I had an awesome day with my fam.
2) We bought Guitar Hero for PS 3 :)
3) I had such a great time laughing, *ngerusuh* with Odi and Jeffry on my fb status announcing the above
4) I've been twittering some funny things. And made twitter a bit insecure to the majority of people who like to talk behind people's backs *Wink Wink*
5) And yeah, getting back on track with some AYC business.
6) OH, can't forget, hearing someone say "I kind of like you", for the first time in the 8th Grade. (Even if you ask, I'm not gonna tell ;) )

See how all the positives triumphs over the negatives? Cuz the main point is, no matter how dark things get, it only gets better from there.
Thanks for reading!

--Karin Novelia, The Girl Who Still Can't Stop Laughing


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