Lazing Around


Yeah, it's pretty late and I'm cutting it a bit close for today's post. What can I say, lazing around sure makes you lose track of time. I was planning to kick into full productive gear on Monday, but it turns out I am pretty tuckered out from the past week of fun and socializing in Singapore. I think I'm gonna tone it down until I at least catch up on some Zs.

Today was a good day though. I went out with the family and had this amazing lunch at Paulaner Munchen Brauhaus, which is this German restaurant in Grand Indonesia. Pork knuckles, German sausages. Everything was just on point. And I even had sips of my Dad's beer :P

And yeah. Right now I am playing my 3DS and am coming so close to finishing Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright. I guess that's productive...?

So tomorrow's probably another low key day. My sister still has school, my dad work, and my mom usually has stuff to do, so I'll probably spend the morning at home alone. Hopefully I can go swimming. Not much in mind.

I might also take a quick out of town trip with the scholar gang from Tuesday until Thursday. Unless I have any wi-fi access I might not be able to post, but meh, I will make up for it somehow.

I suppose another good thing to do to help me stay on track this holiday is to make my favorite thing: Lists!

I have so much in mind that I wanna do, I might have to calm myself down before I end up frustrating myself.

Anyways, that's all for today.


--Karin Novelia, Releasing Her Inner Bum


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