Hiccups. (#Blogmas: Day 2)

Hello, dear reader!

Yes, here we are at Day 2 of #Blogmas.

And well, let's just say I've had a bit of a slower day. I woke up as usual, and was planning on exercising, but I felt so tired and sore, probably for the previous day's workout that I sort of fell back asleep for an extra hour and ended up with this weird headache for most of the day. I'm fine now, and because I was so sleepy and tired that I took a 2 hour nap at like 4 pm, which will probably mess up my sleeping pattern, but at least now I feel somewhat well rested. I'll just move today's workout schedule over to one of the rest days, and it should all even out.

One thing that made me decide not to exercise, besides not feeling well, was strangely enough my hair. If you didn't know I got my hair dyed, just a little ombre thing going on at the tips, and even though I do want to get into the habit of exercising everyday, I realized that washing my hair everyday might end up damaging it, causing it to be all dry and frizzy, especially so since it's dyed and I don't want the dye to fade.

So I looked up some tips online, and as disgusting as it sounds, I have to try to not wash my hair so often, even when I get sweaty. I just need to cool down my head and dry all the sweat away but not shampoo and condition it everyday, because doing that actually robs your scalp of the natural oil and nutrients that it secretes, and leaves you with dry, brittle hair. (The more you know!) Despite being thoroughly convinced by all that internet research, not washing my hair after I sweat still sounded extremely icky to me, so I sought to keep my hair feeling clean and fresh by using this magical product called, dry shampoo.

I see all my favorite Youtubers use dry shampoo, and it does look magical. Dry shampoo is basically shampoo in a sort of spray form. You spray onto to your dry, unwashed for a few days hair, and it makes look a bit more tame and manageable if you wanna style it, or just feel a little less greasy. I spent the day out trying to look for some and apparently dry shampoo is not a thing in Indonesia. *shrugs*.

Well, anyways, I'm not gonna sacrifice my fitness just for my hair. So I'm just gonna power through it, and hopefully I'll find something to help keep my hair healthy.

I'm a bit concerned about my stamina, because my stamina sucks lol. And I guess to get the most out of the workout schedule, I need to keep my energy levels up otherwise I won't be able to keep up with it. I'll have to eat more food than I am now, just to get that extra bit of energy and nutrients and whatever. I don't exactly know why I'm eating so little. My appetite disappeared somewhere, though I think I'm getting it back. I had lunch at Bakerzin today, and it was absolutely ah-may-zing! The food was great, the portion was just right, though I ate more than my fair share by eating some of my mom's food and a few slices of pizza and even dessert. Yup. I totally pigged out, which I know I'm completely capable of, and I guess I just need to eat well and eat to my heart's content in moderation, because honestly, that tasted so good, but I know I can't eat like that too often.

So yeah. A day well spent.

I'm not sure how to end this. Blaaargh.

Hopefully I have good day tomorrow and I feel less tired.

Writing is going well (sort of). I actually haven't written much, except for a few random drabbles which had nothing to do with 'my novel'. I have been going through some old drafts and it's making me very, very nostalgic, especially when I remember when I was writing something and what was going through my mind at the time, and it just gets me pumped. I just need to finally decide on one idea and stick with it (hopefully).

Yay to productivity!

--Karin Novelia, Wishing Her Abs Weren't So Sore XD


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