Lazing Around (#Blogmas: Day 13)


Reporting from my brother's apartment in Cupertino, CA. My sense of time is a bit warped right now, and setting the time on my blog post is becoming a bit of pain, because it's automatically set to West Indonesia Time, so meeeeh. If you wanna be technical about things I am a day behind posting, but whatever. My blog, I can tweak the details if I wanna.

I haven't been doing much except well relaxing and stuff. Went out for a few meals which were amazing. My brother knows some really cool places. Like we went for dinner at the Curry House and it was such a great meal, I still was licking my lips hours later tryna taste the curry.

Then I just spent a nice night in, snuggled under the covers on my brother's sofa bed, watching Running Man (i finally get the appeal of korean variety shows) and playing some Danganronpa 2 after finishing the first Danganronpa like the day before (such a good game).

It's early (only just before midnight) and I already feel pretty sleepy. Maybe my jetlag will finally go away tomorrow. Yeah. Boring post because I don't know what to say. But honestly it is these un-blog-able days that are nice and relaxing. I should cherish them while I can.

'Till the next post!

--Karin Novelia, Being A Bum In 'Murica (way better than being a bum at home)


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