Snap! [Campbell Avenue] (#Blogmas: Day 25)

Yes, 2 posts for one day, because photos. lol.
Be sure to check out part one over here.
Anyway, here's our day at Campbell Avenue where we visit a second-hand bookstore and eat some amazeballs pizza.
*insert motivational quote here* idk the leaf looked lonely okAY
Water heaters are a thing here.
Secondhand bookstore giving me all the feels.
The bookstore has a cat as its mascot.
Safe to say I'm in love with the idea of cats and bookstores.

Sorry for the over exposure but his name is ISBN and he is hella cute

Dinner time with the fam

In my pretentious attempts to be healthy, I ordered Bacon and Blue Cheese salad.
It was amazing.

Ordered "Blue Line Pizza" because we're eating at well... Blue Line Pizza.
Who knew spinach on pizza could taste so good?
Also dim lighting because sun comes down real quick over here,
it was only like 4 pm.
Shamelessly stands by heater thingy to fend off cold
Christmas lights coming to life at night
And that's it for now. Some of these photos were pretty okay, I guess??? idk. I tried. You can't blame for that XD
Anyways, it is officially Christmas day and I am gearing up to get on another plane. Don't worry I'm not going home but am flying off to New York for a couple of days to spend the rest of Christmas break over there. I'm dreaming of a White Christmas~ and with the weather over there I might just get one (!!!). Excited to get there and partaaay urban jungle style.
What am I saying. The cold must be getting to me.
I'll try to keep you updated, imaginary audience.
See ya soon. xoxo.
--Karin Novelia, Full of Christmas SPIRIT


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