Snap! [Shadow Oaks Apartments and Downtown Palo Alto] (#Blogmas: Day 25)

Merry Christmas, dear reader! (or whatever holiday you celebrate this time of year. hannukkah, kwanza, just happy holidays!)

I hope that you're having a good winter break, and that you're surrounded by good people, and most importantly, good food. I am still being consistent by being a burrito today, in this wonderfully exciting trip to America (let's be honest, hobo life is me and i am all about the lazy life).

The only semi-productive things I have done so far is sort through the pics on my SLR, and as promise, here are a few of the best pic(k)s, curated by yours truly.

For a place called Shadow Oaks, my brother's place is full of white birchwood trees 

Dad and sis being all swag with an autumn/winter background

One of those head-on perspective shots


Playing around with the focus, resulting in a pic that is oh so Tumblr


Breakfast done the American way!!


Me trying to show off my killer wedges but failing due to sweatpants (no regrets cuz cold)

Downtown Palo Alto in all it's multi-colored leafed glory

Kinda love how it's still chilly out though the sun is shining pretty bright

Our place of lunch (or was it dinner?) the other day. Was too hungry to snap pics of the food.


These are fake but looked so pretty on camera. Love the chalkboard menu btw.

Real flowers this time but sadly a bit out of focus

Messing around with the shutter speed + AF resulted in this somber looking photo
[Wait, there's more! Over at part 2, link here.]


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