So I Have Some Explaining To Do (#Blogmas: Day 14-24)

So, I have not been posting since I landed in America but well, you know when I said before #Blogmas that it's hard to blog when you do nothing much besides the usual day-to-day hobo-ing at home and going out for nothing much but eating and shopping for groceries? That's sort of what's happening right now. Nice and enjoyable things happened. Just not very exciting stuff.

That's basically what I've been doing these past 10 days. I felt really guilty for falling behind posting (i haven't been exercising/doing pilates either because my brother's apartment is small enough without five ppl cramping the space) but I decided that I am on vacation and I might as well let myself relax because that's what vacations are for.

If you really are curious about what I've been up to, I've been going out for meals, mostly dinners at some nearby joints my brother recommends. I've tasted curry heaven at the Curry House, eaten some sushi at this sushi bar with some really cool vibe lighting and even popped by IKEA (bcoz who doesn't love swedish meatballs). I, along with my Mom and Brother, went grocery shopping, clothes shopping, basically a lot of mall hopping. Mostly we've been staying in, huddling under the covers (bcoz cold and brother's heater no go) eating homemade Korean cuisine (my brother's apartment might as well be a korean restaurant no joke) and staying up watching Korean variety shows (which even i must admit r pretty damn entertaining). We have made peace with the fact that life is easier when you let yourself be a burrito, so sleeping in all wrapped in warm quilts and thick blankets have been our usual choice of activity.

My Dad and Sis finally flew in to join us a few days back and with their arrival, we finally escaped hobo mode and went out a bit farther than around my brother's apartment home. We've been to Downtown Palo Alto and Campbell, bought some things, ate some stuff.

I will make up for my absence by posting photos, like I promised!

I am so rusty with the camera (which implies i used to be somewhat skilled but no -- noob all the way here) but I managed to take some pretty cool shots. It's refreshing to be reminded how fun it is to pick up a camera, so I'm not really stressing about the quality of my shots, I guess.

But that will have to wait until the next post.

I smell Korean barbeque for dinner. Give me pork or give me death.

See ya soon!

--Karin Novelia, Evolving into the Ultimate Burrito


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