Red Nailpolish and Internet Support Groups (#Blogmas: Day 4)

I got my nails done today! A nice bright shade of red. Yeah. While I was at the salon, besides the mani-pedi, I also got a hair cream bath and a herbal scrub. Now my skin feels soooo smooth that I keep rubbing my palms together.
Did nothing much today. I woke up, did some pilates. I did finally get around to watching the Youtube channel of two guys whose names will certainly pop up even when you start getting hooked on any other one Youtuber: Dan Howell and Phil Lester.
First of all, Dan and Phil are the epitome of internet nerds. They love videogames, they are introverted, they 'hate people', are on the internet most of the time, are damn sarcastic (my kind of humour), awkward and basically me (or at least, early preteen/pre-pubescent me). I find them to be the most relatable Youtubers, because unlike the others they don't seem so naturally polished and outgoing, they are legit shy people, who managed to push through the awkwardness and put themselves out there and are doing a hella good job establishing their like own brand.
Their videos are pretty funny (check them out at danisnotonfire and amazingphil) and to emphasize how much they are products of the Internet Generation, Dan even has advice videos called Internet Support Groups.
If I had discovered these guys sooner, my early teen years might've gone a bit smoother (y'know more fangirling, less brooding).
And this whole Youtube thing, which I am so glad managed to sneak back into my life, is so amazing when you think about it. When Youtube first started, no one was really sure what they could do with it, and somehow, people saw potential in this platform, innovative and daring young adults, who started out as simple at-home videomakers, are now rising and making waves in this new media industry. Youtube is revolutionizing the way we disseminate and digest content, and to have this whole community being born and shaped by people who just like to spend time on the internet and share cool shit on the internet, excuse my language, but that is fucking awesome.
I know some people have qualms about interacting with people online, because safety issues and all, but if you can set aside the paranoia for just a moment, you will realize that the world is full of good people, and those people you meet online can be amazing, real friends for life. My brother, of all people (though actually it's more like long time coming) started interacting with people online due to this mutual interest in K-Pop, in particular, the latest girl band, Red Velvet. And they are more than just 'internet friends'. They started this whole little group of K-Pop enthusiasts and even started an online radio show about the latest Red Velvet news. A frickin' radio show, that he like produces and stuff. Like!!! The internet has opened the gates to a new era of collaboration and as Hannah Hart said, "The internet. Bringing people who are usually alone, together."
At this point I am quite jealous of my brother, and I'm just like, "I want internet friends toooo :("
I find it quite weird that I don't have internet friends. And that is testament to my severe inability to socialize. It's one thing to not be able to interact with people in real life, but if you can't make friends online than you really have no hopes of making any friends. Zilch. Nada. You might as well not leave your house. (Me, basically lol).
I do remember for a time, chatting with a few people on Tumblr, just casual messages back and forth, but then I just never replied (typical me). And I guess it was because it was Tumblr, and Tumblr always felt like the cool kid's table and that sort of intimidated me. And I couldn't bring myself to fully invest in an internet persona, because I felt like I was trying to escape being in my own skin, and I didn't like feeling like I was running from reality, even though I kind of needed it. I dunno, it just felt weird, and I guess I was inwardly afraid that I couldn't make any friends online and just feel even more shitty about myself. Yeah, my social anxiety was pretty bad back then lol.
I do feel like sort of revamping my whole social media presence. I mean back when you were like 13, being on the internet sort of meant putting an anime pic as your profile pic and being all "hey i'm karin and I like blah blah blah blah", but as you grow older, you sort of want to project yourself in a more mature (?) way and like really express yourself as an individual. I'm considering revamping my Tumblr blog (all I do is reblog -- I don't even tag my stuff properly) and posting a few of my own stuff (if I manage to produce anything worth posting idk)
Just a random thought. Anyways, I just feel that as a child of the 21st century, I need to be aware of how technology is making waves in the way we live and keep up with it, hopefully I can use it to my advantage.
So yeaaaaah. A pretty decent in length post. Let's hope I can bluff my way through tomorrow's post (because I will probably not do much again lol).

--Karin Novelia, Wishing She Could Make Internet Friends (Or Real Friends Too, Maybe, IDK)


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